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“Don’t celebrate until after the play is over.” Matt Rhule is dissapointed with QB Rashard Higgins

Panther's training on Saturday took an ugly turn when WR Rashard Higgins celebrated in a disappointing way according to his coach Matt Rhule.

Matt Rhule

Celebrations are good for the morale and confidence of the player and the team but they shouldn’t be offensive. In a recent practice session, a tussle broke out in the Panthers camp when their WR celebrated his touchdown in a ‘taunting’ way.

After a throw by QB Baker Mayfield found the running QR Rashard Higgins for a beautiful 50-yard touchdown pass it resulted in a joyful celebration from the WR worthy enough of a penalty from the camp official.

This enraged the HC Rhule who stopped practice and gave punishment for his offence to run the sidelines. Rhule spoke about the incident following practice and explained that celebrations are important but they should come at the right time.

“We’re not a team that reaches the ball across the goal line,” Rhule said. “I told the guys, ‘Hey, after you score a touchdown, celebrate. Have fun today.

“This isn’t a true game, but we’re playing it like a game in between the white lines and so. Great play by Higgy [Rashard Higgins]. He made a great touchdown catch. But I just wanted to make sure they all understood we won’t win if we don’t protect the football.

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“We’re not a team that reaches the ball across the goal line,”: Matt Rhule, Carolina Panthers HC

Matt Rhule

Rashard Higgins did his patented celebration where he rolls the football like it’s a red carpet and then walks on that imaginary red carpet. Quite creative if you ask me. But the coach Matt Rhule was disappointed by this celebration and asked the offence to run the sidelines.

“Sometimes as a coach too, you just gotta make sure the intensity stays throughout the whole practice,” Rhule said with a smirk. “But I wanted the defense to understand we can’t give up explosives and the offense to understand we don’t celebrate until after the play is over.”

Matt Rhule hasn’t impressed anyone with his coaching skills and he also isn’t in favour of the Panthers fans. The former NFL player is on his first job as a HC at the Panthers.

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