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“What was I thinking?”: Eli Manning attempted to follow his old New York Giants training regimen but things ended up going horribly south for the QB

Eli Manning attempted to follow his old Giants conditioning workout but realized the hard way that maybe doing so was not the best idea...

Eli Manning

Do you remember the good old days when you did not need to warm up and could just walk around ready to run a 40-yard dash or jump over a hurdle without having to worry about being sore for a week after? Eli Manning sure does, the former New York Giants quarterback is living his best life, making appearances as a broadcaster along with his brother during the season and going on different podcasts, and showing us a side of him that we never saw when he was an active quarterback.

Despite him being retired, he does miss playing football at a high level, and to do that, your athleticism needs to be at its finest. Eli decided that it was a good idea to maybe test his athleticism and conditioning levels by attempting to do his old conditioning test that he was accustomed to doing on a regular basis when he played in the NFL, probably not the best idea when you have been enjoying BBQ’s and beers with the families for over a year.

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“Moron”: Eli Manning cannot help but blame himself for thinking this was a good idea

Eli Manning regrets trying his hand at the old conditioning workout

Eli Manning’s conditioning workout when he was an active quarterback for the New York Giants was to run 10 half gassers, which means you run from your sideline to the opponent’s sideline and back in 18 seconds. Eli ran 9 of these in total before the harsh reality struck him.

The quarterback pulled his hamstring when he almost finished 9 total gassers and that pretty much shuts the door on any rumors surrounding his comeback. Father time sucks Eli, it is painful to experience such a thing, one day you can complete as many drills as possible feeling like Usain Bolt and not getting exhausted but the day that you are unable to do half the amount of the reps that you are accustomed to doing, it’s time to hang it up.

Eli clearly did that in time. Maybe it was a moronic move to try that Eli but hey at least it confirmed and reassured him that he did the right thing by retiring. If he ran the same speed and recorded the same time that he did when he played then who knows, maybe we could have seen a comeback. Nevertheless, let us pray for Eli Manning’s hamstring and hope it heals soon. Feel free to send Eli Manning videos instructing him how to warm up effectively so that this does not repeat in the future.

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