“Finger licking good!!!” Michael Irvin goes berserk on the First Take after the Cowboys are triumphant against the Giants

Michael Irvin delivered the best rant ever on the First Take and it doesn't get any better than this.

Michael Irvin was maybe the happiest person in the whole world when the Dallas Cowboys were triumphant against the undefeated New York Giants. It was a spectacular display of great defence and offence by the Cowboys and Michael Irvin thinks that the glory days are back.

After the injury to Dak Prescott, everyone wrote off the Cowboys to win against the Giants but backup QB Cooper Rush had something else in mind. The undefeated Cowboys QB led the team to a win on Monday Night Football with a score of 23-16.

The person most excited about their win was undoubtedly NFL analyst Michael Irvin. The former Cowboys player couldn’t contain his excitement while he delivered maybe the best monologue in the history of First Take.

First Take is known for its jubilant analyst who doesn’t hold back when criticizing or celebrating its team. Even Stephen A Smith was sitting silently in the corner while Michael Irvin was having the time of his life.

Michael Irvin has delivered some crazy rants and monologues in his entire analyst career like the “We’re losing recipes” rant but this one tops the list.

Stephen A Smith and Keyshawn were seen struggling to hold it together while Michael Irvin was using biblical references to define Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb.

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“That Finger licking good pass rush”: Michael Irvin set the screen on fire with his Jubilant personality

Michael Irvin
IMAGO/ NurPhoto

The best part of the rant was when Michael Irvin was speaking about “THAT FINGER LICKING NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM PASS RUSH! This was undoubtedly one of the most hilarious moments First Take has ever produced.

Michael Irvin loves the Cowboys and will go to every length to defend them. Stephen A Smith bashed Irvin in the past weeks because of the Cowboy’s disappointing performance against Tampa Bay so now it was his turn to sit silently while Michael Irvin takes his time celebrating.

Michael Irvin is one of the most fun NFL analysts I’ve seen in a long time and he should be given more opportunities to entertain us even further. If this is his reaction when the Cowboys win, then they should win every week just for Michael Irvin.

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