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“That’s sad and embarrassing,” Green Bay Packers furious at ex-Vikings QB Tommy Kramer for framing Aaron Rodgers’ injured poster alongside Packers urinal

Tommy Kramer still wants to go toe to toe against the Packers fans due to his Minnesota Vikings roots.

The Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings are arguably two of the best teams in the NFC North division. It has led to a huge rivalry between the two franchises over the years, given the Vikings are the only meaningful challenge for the Packers, when it comes to winning the division.

The rivalry took another huge twist, but this time off the field, as former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Tommy Kramer, took it to another level with a video he posted on his Twitter account. The 67-year old played for the Vikings for 12 years in the 1990s, and it’s fair to say that he hasn’t lost his edge when it comes to challenging the Packers even to this day.

Tommy Kramer designed a Packers’ themed urinal at his house

Aaron Rodgers

Tommy Kramer posted a video of him installing a Green Bay Packers themed urinal at his house. The urinal has the yellow and green colours of the Packers outfit and also has the franchise’s logo to make it genuine. The former Vikings QB, however, did not just leave it at that when it came to angering the Packers fans.

Fans were quick to notice a poster which was hung immediately on top of the urinal, and it contained a picture of Aaron Rodgers, from the infamous 2017 match against the Vikings, which ended up with the quarterback suffering a broken collarbone.

The picture shows Rodgers lying on the floor after he was blasted by Vikings linebacker, Anthony Barr. While the urinal might have been fun poked at the Packers, the picture of Rodgers writhing in pain surely does not go down as playful jibes at a rival.

Twitter is furious at Tommy Kramer for having the poster of Aaron Rodgers squirming in pain

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