“I was dead serious” Eagles WR A.J. Brown contemplated a crucial decision of playing baseball instead of football

A.J Brown was going to switch to a different sport if his transfer to the Eagles did not happen and it was baseball.

A.J Brown is a talented WR who currently plays for the Eagles, but even if one thing would have gone differently then the Eagles would have been without their #1 WR. A.J Brown is one of those rare athletes who can excel in two sports at the same time.

Brown is good in both baseball and football as he was selected in the MLB draft in 2019 but Brown chose football over baseball at the time. Brown seriously considered being a two-sport man, most people thought he was joking but Brown tweeted about it showing his seriousness.

“I was dead serious,” A.J Brown stated. “The Padres had reached out to me. They were about to invite me to spring training. They were just waiting on an answer from me.”

A.J Brown was not content with his playing time and contract with the Titans and wanted a move out that made him contemplate between changing sports or changing teams. But after signing with the Eagles, Brown has a better contract and the WR is even happy with the team.

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“Maybe when I’m done playing football, I’ll go play baseball”: A.J Brown still hopes to play baseball after he is done with football

AJ Brown celebrates after scoring Touchdown
AJ Brown

Brown later explained that the Padres wanted his full attention and complete dedication to baseball if he were ever to play it and could not play it with football. So Brown had to make the ultimate choice between choosing the sport he would like to go ahead with.

“They were telling me if I’m still going to play football, then I can’t play baseball,” A.J Brown said. “I can’t just play around with baseball. So it kind of killed my chances for the moment.”

Though now playing in the NFL, A.J Brown still hopes to play baseball later down the line as he said in a recent interview “Who knows?”Maybe when I’m done playing football, I’ll go play baseball.”

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