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“Actually makes sense,” Ian Rapoport picks Baker Mayfield to take the field if Deshaun Watson is suspended for the Browns

Ian Rapoport put in his support for Baker Mayfield to start as the quarterback if Deshaun Watson is suspended by the NFL.

The Cleveland Browns are eagerly awaited to learn the fate of their newly signed quarterback Deshaun Watson, as the NFL decided to travel to Texas, in order to meet with the former Houston Texans quarterback. This would imply that the league are looking to make a final decision, which could see him get suspended for some time.

This would then bring up another juxtaposition for the Browns, as to who would take up the starting quarterback position for the franchise in his absence. Leading NFL analyst, Ian Rapoport believes the duties should go to the veteran Baker Mayfield.

Baker Mayfield is still looking for a new franchise following Deshaun Watson’s signing

Baker Mayfield

Earlier there was a widespread belief among the Browns, that the league would not pass a judgement as long as the 22 civil cases against Brown continued. However, with things turning drastically the fears for the worst to happen has already started within the camp.

Therefore Ian Rapoport believes it is only logical that the Browns hand over the quarterback position to Baker Mayfield despite the differences that the player and the franchise have had over the past few months.

Ian Rapoport was quoted saying, “If there is a lengthy suspension it actually makes sense for everyone to bury the thing and for him go out and start and maybe do well and maybe get traded midseason.”

If there is indeed a suspension for Watson, and Mayfield gets to play the starting quarterback for a number of matches, it would only help the latter’s stocks in the market. A couple of good performances from him will hopefully help him attract a few franchises and he would get a trade move during the midseason.

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