“I’m 3-0 against Chad Powers” Broncos QB Russell Wilson takes a hilarious dig at Eli Manning over his recent comments on the QBs performance

Russell Wilson had a clap-back ready when former Giants QB Eli Manning roasted him on his show.

Russell Wilson has had a slow start to the season with the Denver Broncos. Wilson had a bad game against the San Francisco 49ers, this led to him being a target for many NFL analysts and former QB Eli Manning took his chance.

Eli Manning joked about Russell Wilson’s situation by saying that the Broncos should have paid their punter $235 million instead of Russell Wilson as he is scoring all the points currently for the team.

Though Eli Manning later clarified that he didn’t mean to offend the Broncos QB and wasn’t trying to be critical of Russell Wilson. From the looks of it, Wilson wasn’t even bothered by Eli Manning as he had a clap-back ready for the former Giants QB.

When Russell Wilson was asked about the comments that Eli Manning made during Monday Night Football, Wilson didn’t seem to be bothered, instead, he had a humorous retort ready for the Giants legend.

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“You’re talking about Chad Powers”: Russell Wilson publicly roasted Eli Manning through his alter-ego Chad Powers

Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson had the last laugh in the war of words between the two quarterbacks. Wilson took a funny jab at Eli Manning by saying “You’re talking about Chad Powers? I’m 3-0 against Chad Powers.” Eli Manning went undercover to try out for Penn State University as Chad Powers in his recent episode of Manning Cast.

Russell Wilson has also beaten the Eli Manning-led Giants three times 2013,2014 and 2017. It seemed like Russell Wilson felt bad about making fun of an NFL legend so he later said “Listen, it’s part of the game and you just have to have fun,” Wilson said “I have a lot of respect for Peyton Manning and Eli. I’ve always looked up to those guys. I’m not stressing about it.”

After hearing that Eli Manning also had a heart-warming response to his jokes. “I think we always try to support the guys that are in the game,” Eli Manning. “I think sometimes, ‘Hey, it’s live TV.’ I never try to take a real shot at somebody. I think that was obviously a very outrageous joke — because a punter had 10 punts. Nothing against Russell. He’s going to do great.”

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