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“Incompetent officiating by the refs” The Packers-Patriots match officials shamefully miss a delay of time penalty that led to a TD pass from the Patriots

The delay of time penalty has been a growing concern in the NFL where the refs are regularly missing important calls that further leads to TDs.

The New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers game was one of the most interesting games this weekend. It was a tough affair that went into overtime where the Packers got their 3rd win in a row.


The game was going pretty well until a controversial play was made by the Patriots where they played the ball after the counter went to zero. It was some big 3 seconds that the Patriots waiter after running the counter down but the match officials were ignorant to the whole situation.

No penalty was called by the refs and the Patriots QB threw a touchdown pass on that same play. It was a tough pill for the Packers to swallow but they bounced back in spectacular fashion.


This is not the first time this has happened in this season of the NFL. In the Packer’s last game against the Bucs, QB Aaron Rodgers pointed out on the Jumbotron that led to the delay of time penalty against Tom Brady. The match officials had missed it the last time.

The NFL has a growing problem with the delay of time penalty and it surprises everyone that they don’t put up mature machinery or equipment to counter this problem and the league brings in a lot of money every season.

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“They should implement a shot clock with buzzers”: Twitter hits back at the NFL for their incompetence

"Incompetent officiating by the refs" The Packers-Patriots match officials shamefully miss a delay of time penalty that led to a TD pass from the Patriots 2

This is a recurring problem for the NFL that happens almost every week, therefore they should take some serious steps to counter this situation.

Many people on Twitter tried ti help the NFL by giving them options like implementing the buzzer system like in HS Football or the NBA’s shot clock. There are hundred’s of options that the NFL can adopt to counter this situation nut they just wing it every single time.

The people had enough of this and brutally called out the NFL for their irresponsible officiating of important games. Let’s look at some of the tweets below.

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