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“It’s on us”: 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo takes absolute accountability after the loss to the Broncos

QB Jimmy Garoppolo and 49ers HC Kyle Shanahan take responsibility for the bad form of the team and promise to be better next time out.

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Jimmy Garoppolo has a lot of expectations riding on him. Before the season started Garoppolo was a backup QB to Trey Lance, but after the QB suffered a season-ending injury the veteran QB Jimmy Garoppolo is called back into action.


Though after the terrible loss to the Denver Broncos in week 3 of NFL, QB Jimmy Garoppolo and HC Kyler Shanahan received lots of criticism.

Jimmy Garoppolo had an underwhelming game against the Broncos by completing 18 29 passes with a rating of 81.3 and throwing for only one touchdown. The veteran QB had a really bad start to his season.


The one thing that Garoppolo is good at is being accountable. Jimmy G was vocal about his mistakes in the game and the underwhelming performance that he put up.

“It starts with me, no matter what — good, bad or indifferent, whatever happens out there, the quarterback and the center are the two guys touching the ball every play,” the 49ers QB told reporters.

Garoppolo believes that the team needs to improve a lot in the coming weeks as currently, the 49ers have a 2-1 record in the NFL.

“So, whether it’s good, better and indifferent, it’s on us, and we just have to get better at it.” Jimmy Garoppolo stated. “It starts with me, obviously. Yeah, I would always take that. I always have, I always will.”

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“I give Kyle a lot of credit for being man enough to do that”: Jimmy Garoppolo supports HC Kyle Shanahan’s decisions for the 49ers

Jimmy Garoppolo

The 49er’s head coach has made many controversial decisions at the start of the season and the most controversial of all was to start Trey Lance in front of a veteran QB like Jimmy Garoppolo.

Jimmy Garoppolo was a fan favourite and when Shanahan dropped him for Trey Lance it inspired lots of criticism from the fans. Kyle Shanahan also accepted responsibility for the loss and is very quick to accept his mistakes.

“Yeah, even on the sidelines sometimes,” Jimmy Garoppolo stated. “I give Kyle a lot of credit for being man enough to do that. But I do the same to him, too. If I mess something up, I’m willing to say it was on me.

“And I think that makes for a good relationship and leads to a good team. I think it starts with us two and carries its way down to the rest of the guys.”

The San Francisco 49ers are up against the defending champions LA Rams in their week 4 matchup of the NFL. Jimmy Garoppolo and his team will have to be at their best game to challenge the Rams for a win.

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