Jerry Jones admits the Cowboys need ‘Herculean Effort’ to beat division rivals Eagles in their highly anticipated game

Jones is nervous heading into Sunday night game.

Jerry Jones admits the Cowboys need ‘Herculean Effort’ to beat division rivals Eagles in their highly anticipated game

Jerry Jones (via CNN)

The next few weeks are pivotal to the Dallas Cowboys. The team has thrived for the most part of the season having won 9 games and lost 3, however, they go up against some of the top teams in the NFL now, starting with divisional rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Cowboys need to beat the Eagles for two reasons. The first is that if they manage to do so, they will tie Philly’s 10-3 season record and it will be a great morale boost for them heading into season’s final stretch. The second reason being, Dak Prescott will need to show up in order to prove that he truly is deserving of becoming the MVP this season.


Owner and GM Jerry Jones who is seldom seen without a smile across his face, is a bundle of nerves heading into Sunday night’s matchup. He knows, the stakes have never been stacked this high and this is the best chance for the Cowboys to make the Super Bowl in nearly three decades.

Nervous, nervous, nervous, getting ready for Sunday.
Jerry Jones via 105.3 The Fan

Dallas has a big challenge ahead of it, they are not just facing the Eagles but they have to take into account the fact that this team will be coming in with added motivation to win every single game this season after they got obliterated 42-19 by the San Francisco 49ers last week. Jerry Jones understands this and stated that it will require a lot of work in order to get this victory.

The owner further said,

Boy, we recognize what an outstanding team (the Eagles are) their record speaks for itself. They're that kind of team. For us to go out here and beat them, it's going to have to be a Herculean effort.

Jerry Jones is trying his level best to remain optimistic about the Cowboys odds against the Eagles

Despite knowing that it is the team’s biggest challenge to date so far, Jones is attempting to be optimistic about the situation.

It can be (done), we can do it, of course. And if we do, we'll have the uplift and we'll have the reward to go with that.
Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones (via CNN)

He got that on point, if Dallas can do it, the Eagles’ morale would take an insurmountable blow as two losses at the hands of their divisional rivals in back-to-back weeks would have them questioning themselves.

The Cowboys faced the Eagles back in Week 9 and lost 28-23. It was a close game and it did not seem like America’s team had no business being mentioned in the same breath as the Eagles because to its credit, it has really figured things out this season. The defense is great, the offense has been consistent due to Dak Prescott’s performance, and they are firing smoothly on all cylinders. It will be an interesting matchup on Sunday night as both teams have a lot on the line.


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