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“I see a sad Carson Wentz”: JJ Watt’s Funko Pop bobblehead figure may be the worst looking in the NFL

Funko Pop's latest bobblehead of JJ Watt may be its biggest fail to date

JJ Watt Funko Pop

The NFL is not just a sports league, it is an emotion, and it represents the pride of an entire country. It is not surprising that it also happens to be one of the most profitable sports leagues in the entire world. The viewership of the league clocks in at 17.1 million and the revenue generated by the league is a whopping $12.2 billion USD. All this amount comes from endorsements and partnerships with multiple brands.

One such brand is Funko Pop which has become the top American company when it comes to making fan memorabilia. It makes the best bobblehead figures of the top players in the league and teams have collaborated with them to make numerous such figures to give it to fans in the stadium on special occasions. Funko Pop is an expert at making these figurines, however, its latest take of JJ Watt seems to have gone horribly wrong.

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Someone at Funko Pop seems to have a vendetta against JJ Watt:

JJ Watt’s Funko Pop looks like Carson Wentz

Recently, the brand unveiled its latest edition of the Funko Pop NFL bobbleheads. JJ Watt was lucky enough to be featured on one of these, although if you were to ask the defensive end now, he would have rather passed upon this opportunity if he knew what the final product looked like. The defensive end tweeted an image of his figurine with the caption, “I can’t be the only one that sees a sad Carson Wentz, right?”

The figurine of Watt seems to look nothing like him, well it kind of resembles him from certain angles and most certainly dons his Arizona Cardinals colors. The bobblehead looks more like Carson Wentz, and not particularly a happy Wentz. If you were to switch the Cardinals jersey with a Commander’s jersey and showed it to a fan, in all likelihood, they would tell you it’s Wentz, well you may need to color the hair red a bit. NFL fans could not believe this fail from Funko Pop and agreed that it looks more like Carson Wentz than JJ Watt. Let’s take a look at some interesting reactions from NFL fans online!

No way that looks like Roethlisberger.

Wentz approves.

Guess the Funky Pop does look a bit like Ben Roethlisberger.

We understand, same feels here.

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