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“Too much off-time is a burden to me”: Justin Herbert’s dedication to the game of football proves he is a legend in the making

LA Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert stated that he loathes going on vacations and that without football he feels insane

If you are a Los Angeles Chargers fan, you must really be excited to see how the team fares this upcoming NFL season. The team almost made the playoffs last year and their quarterback Justin Herbert has already shown that he is worthy of being a franchise QB whom they can rely on for a decade or more. Though the season lasts only for half a year, football players will have to work throughout the year as they have to be in shape and work on their deficiencies.

However, there is a brief gap following the minicamp where players can wind down and go on a long vacation for five weeks which sounds like a dream to any NFL player. But then again, not everyone is cut from the same cloth and Justin Herbert is made from something different totally. The quarterback does not like to vacation at all and he explains why he despises them.

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“I need football”: Justin Herbert on why he does not take any time off

Justin Herbert’s dedication to the game of football is very impressive

The Los Angeles Chargers quarterback at a press conference last week explained that he is not too keen on taking days off, as a matter of fact, he feels that it is a burden to do so.

“I think the great thing about football, for me, is I need football, I love waking up and going to work and lifting, running, throwing, and watching film. I think too much off-time can kind of be a burden to me sometimes, so I always look forward to having stuff to do, whether that’s watching film or us throwing or being out here for OTAs. I think that’s kind of what I look forward to,” Herbert stated at a press conference. This is nothing but a song to the ears of Chargers fans, for a long they have struggled without a solid quarterback. Philip Rivers was good but Herbert is exactly what that organization needed to reinvent itself.

Herbert is a living and walking example of the quote, “If you do what you love for a living, then you never work a day in your life.” The quarterback views his job as a vacation of its own. “I feel like I’m kind of on vacation right now, I think that if you’re taking a vacation, you’re trying to get away from something. I always look forward to coming to this place and working and doing all of these fun things. Going home, I’ll do the same thing, trying to have as much fun as I can with my family and things like that, but it is work and getting ready for the season,” Herbert added.

Without football, he has nothing else to do, he gets bored if he does not practice on a regular basis and do the drills that he is accustomed to doing. “Saturdays and Sundays are nice, but at the same time, I’d rather be playing and having something to do because I hate hanging around my house and not doing anything or accomplishing anything,” Herbert clearly seems like he is an introvert and does not enjoy going out much. This is great for an athlete as he is solely focused on one thing to be the best version of himself. We cannot wait to see how Herbert and the Chargers perform this upcoming season.

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