“Nobody hires him,” LeSean McCoy slams Eric Bieniemy and reveals the main reason for leaving the Chiefs

Check out what LeSean McCoy had to say on his former Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator, Eric Bieniemy.

LeSean McCoy and Eric Bieniemy

Former Kansas City Chiefs running back, LeSean McCoy vented out his anger on Eric Bieniemy. The 33-year old blamed the Chiefs offensive coordinator for being the reason, why he left the franchise after just 1 year with them.

Eric Bieniemy has been a part of the Chiefs’ backroom staff since 2018, and despite being one of the most talked-about coaches, he has not been able to earn himself a head coach role in the NFL. In an incredible rant against the veteran coach, LeSean McCoy revealed why the former has not earned a head coach role for himself.

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LeSean McCoy seems to know why Eric Bieniemy has failed to become a head coach in the NFL

Eric Bieniemy
Eric Bieniemy

LeSean McCoy appeared in 13 games during his 2019 season with the Chiefs, rushing for 465 yards and four touchdowns in addition to catching 28 passes for 181 yards and one score. McCoy recently appeared on the SiriusXM’s “I am Athlete Tonight,” and ripped Bieniemy for his style of coaching.

“There’s a reason why every year they keep hyping him up to get a head coaching job, or an offensive coordinator job somewhere else, and he don’t get one,” McCoy said of Eric Bieniemy.

“He talks to players a certain way, and some players would take it. I wouldn’t take it. There are some questions I’m gonna ask. Everyone’s accountable. It’s not because he’s a black coach [that he’s not getting hired]. That’s not the reason. No one hires him because they know what type of coach he really is.”

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