Ex-Philadelphia RB LeSean McCoy urges the Eagles to not panic despite huge loss to the 49ers

The Philadelphia Eagles lost by a heavy margin against the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday.

Ex-Philadelphia RB LeSean McCoy urges the Eagles to not panic despite huge loss to the 49ers

LeSean McCoy reacts to Eagles vs. 49ers game of week 13 (Via Imago/FOX)

The former Philadelphia Eagles man LeSean McCoy has a suggestion for his former team. He urged the players and the fans not to panic after the blowout loss against the San Francisco 49ers, and the former RB suggested that the team needs to calm things down instead of making a huge hue and cry.

The Eagles’ winning streak suffered a major setback on Sunday Night Football against the 49ers in week 13. The more alarming part is that this devastation occurred at the Eagles’ home ground. No team likes to swallow a loss in front of their home crowd. And the Eagles crowd are known for their rowdy expressions.


In the next game, the Eagles will face off against the Dallas Cowboys, which will be another interesting encounter. The Eagles are at 10-2 while the Cowboys are at 9-3. The Cowboys will strive in desperation to make it 10-3 in 13 games. They will have a home advantage this time. Last time, it was the Eagles who hosted the Cowboys and earned a hard-fought victory.

Considering all of these factors, Shady suggested the Eagles team not be tensed much ahead of the matchup. He also reminded everyone that the Eagles are still the leaders in the NFL. No other team has registered 10 wins like the Eagles have so far. However some do feel that the Eagles did got exposed in their 19-42 loss this Sunday.

We should not be panicked. We lost the game. If you go on and see the records there are wins and losses. We lost the game. But we are still no. 1 in the division, no. 1 in the NFC. Why are we panicking? We have got an MVP candidate, Jalen Hurts. A leader and the quarterback. 
LeSean McCoy on FS1’s SPEAK

LeSean McCoy considers the loss against the 49ers a blessing

On multiple occasions, the sudden loss has does good to teams that have become a winning horse. It gives the team a much-needed reality check of what it needs to correct.


Take the recent example of Argentina in the soccer World Cup 2022. Their 35-game winning streak suddenly came to a halt after they suffered a setback against the weakest in the group Saudi Arabia. The Lionel Messi led team from thereon went to win each of their games and grabbed that World Cup winner’s tag.

Jalen Hurts talking to press after Commanders game
Eagles QB Jalen Hurts talking to press (Via Screengrab)

Shady believes that here, the sudden loss against the 49ers could be a blessing for the Eagles. It could fix the problems that were left unchecked so far. Their defense was exposed and they now have a proper opportunity to fix that.

This might be a blessing. Because other team may not gain or lose like that. This team is built with experience. This team is a possible Super Bowl-winning team. 

A loss in the regular season is any day better than a loss in the playoffs. As McCoy suggested, the Eagles shouldn’t feel too bad about this, considering their stellar record so far.


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