Mike Francesa warns the Jets about becoming the ‘laughing stock’ of the NFL if they rush Aaron Rodgers back this season

The analyst is convinced that Aaron Rodgers' decision to return this season is bad for his future and the team's future.

Mike Francesa warns the Jets about becoming the ‘laughing stock’ of the NFL if they rush Aaron Rodgers back this season

Aaron Rodgers and Mike Francesa (via AP)

Aaron Rodgers is aiming for a December 24th return, the quarterback is looking to play in the Week 16 matchup between the New York Jets and Washington Wizards. While this news should have brought a smile to the faces of fans of the team, it has instead become a cause for concern. The reason is, that it does not make sense for Rodgers to return because the Jets’ season is likely going to be beyond salvageable by that point.

The Jets are 4-7 this season, and one of the critics opposing Aaron Rodgers‘ return to football this season is Mike Francesa who went all in on the Jets for even entertaining this idea. The analyst said on The Mike Francesa Podcast:

There is no way, if you're the Jets, if you have an ounce of football sense in that organization...to make sure they explain to Aaron Rodgers that he's not going anywhere NEAR the field behind this offensive line this season.

The analyst was critical of the Jets’ front office, he is of staunch belief that the team should do everything in its capacity to stop Aaron Rodgers from playing football this season. The reason being firstly, the team’s offensive line is trash and secondly, the risk-to-reward ratio does not make sense. The return would have no benefit for the team this season.

Mike Francesa is struggling to find one good reason for Aaron Rodgers to return this season

Francesa continued:

There is nothing to play for. And if they do that, and he gets hurt again, they will be the laughing stock of the history of sports. There is not a reason in the world; you tell him now. I am not putting you out there behind that offensive line.

The Jets’ offensive line has been bad all season long, they just cannot protect the quarterback and to put a man who is just done recovering from an Achilles tendon tear is equivalent to storing firecrackers next to a fuel station. It is a disaster waiting to happen.

Mike Francesa and Aaron Rodgers
Mike Francesa and Aaron Rodgers (via SiriusXM/AP)

The analyst further stated:

We're 4-7. We've lost four games in a row, and we can't score, and we can't protect the quarterback. And we cannot play an offensive football game...

On the defensive end, the Jets are good but football requires defense and offense, and the Jets lack the latter this season. Francesa is trying to get Aaron Rodgers to understand that there is absolutely no reason for him to return this season except if he wants to stroke his ego and prove to the world that he holds the record for the fastest recovery from an Achilles injury in the NFL.

For football players, the risk of re-injuring their Achilles tendon stands at 9% as per the National Institutes of Health. The recovery from an Achilles rupture is anywhere from 8-10 weeks in addition to four to six months of physical therapy without surgery. However, with surgery, the recovery period is an estimated 9 months. Aaron Rodgers has been out for 11-12 weeks and is hoping to return in another 4 weeks. That is just insane.


He went on to say:

If anybody lets him near the field in a meaningless game behind that offensive line, they should be fired the same day.

Robert Saleh has remained mum regarding his quarterback’s intentions to return in December. ESPN Insider Ian Rapoport had previously mentioned that Aaron Rodgers could practice this week but the team’s coaching staff were clueless if it were actually going to happen. He also stated that one source said, “He just needs to bring us the doctor’s note,” which means if there are no medical objections, then the team would not stop the QB from stepping back onto the field.

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