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“I hated Pittsburgh”: WR Miles Boykin reveals why he absolutely despised the Steelers

Miles Boykin reveals why he hated the Steelers when he was with the Ravens

Miles Boykin

Miles Boykin has become a well-known entity in the world of the NFL. The talented wide receiver played college football at Notre Dame before he was roped in by the Baltimore Ravens back in 2019.

The 6 feet 4 inches tall WR has several awards and rewards to his name. Back in 2018, he was named the MVP of the Citrus Bowl. After delivering a few good performances, Boykin was ultimately released by the Ravens in April 2022.

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“I was ready for it”: Miles Boykin on being released by the Ravens

Miles Boykin

This offseason, he was roped in by the Pittsburgh Steelers. We all are aware of the fierce rivalry the Ravens share with the Steelers so it would be fair to say that it was quite a shift for the wide receiver. Recently, Miles claimed that he used to absolutely hate the Steelers.

Miles said that the reason behind the hatred was not only the Ravens-Steelers rivalry but also because he thought that Pittsburgh will rope him in during the 2019 draft. “It was crazy because I thought the Steelers were going to draft me originally,” Boykin said as reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “But when I got to Baltimore, it was like, ‘No, I hate Pittsburgh.’”

Miles also claimed that now when he is with the Steelers, he doesn’t hate the Ravens. “I kind of knew about it since the end of the season. They kind of expressed that my hit on the salary cap was going to be detrimental to them,” Boykin said while talking about the Ravens releasing him.

He also said that as the Ravens were looking to get Lamar, he was anticipating his release. “They’re trying to work out deals with Lamar Jackson and other people, so I was kind of ready for it. I was prepared for it.” Miles further added that he is now focussing on delivering his best for the new franchise. “I’m just excited to get out there and get a chance to be a playmaker here,” he claimed.

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