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“Most undervalued asset in the history of NFL”: Skip Bayless has a lot of faith in Baker Mayfield

Skip Bayless from Undisputed believes that Baker Mayfield is one of the most undervalued assets in the NFL market's history

Baker Mayfield has been having a rough offseason, the Cleveland Browns have lost faith in the first pick as they have replaced him with QB Deshaun Watson. What is surprising is that there is no guarantee that Watson will be eligible to play in week 1 of the next season.

In the light of this situation, Baker clearly does not want to be a backup QB, he has requested a trade from the Browns but the team is in no hurry to trade him as they want to get his full market value.

Undisputed analyst Skip Bayless, who has been vocal about Mayfield being a talented and good QB, believes that teams across the league are making a big mistake discounting Baker’s capabilities.

14 teams need Baker Mayfield over what they have

Baker Mayfield

They’re all making huge mistakes, I am dug in. Baker Mayfield is the most undervalued asset on the open market in the history of the NFL.” Bayless said. He believes that the teams across the league are getting carried away and overspend for quarterbacks who are far lesser in terms of talent and capability in comparison to Baker Mayfield.

He is an untrending topic, I can conservatively pick 14 teams that need Baker Mayfield.” Skip went on to share some of the teams, the first on his list were the Seattle Seahawks who traded away Super Bowl-winning QB Russell Wilson to the Broncos.

Presently, Geno Smith is the QB for the team. Baker Mayfield could clearly be an amazing option for the team as Seattle does have weapons on the offensive end such as D.K. Metcalf. In addition to the Seahawks, Bayless also believes the New York Giants could use Mayfield’s talents over Daniel Jones, who has not delivered.

Baker Mayfield

Next up on his list was the Washington Commanders, they have an injury-plagued Carson Wentz who looks like is past his best days, the team may not be the best environment for Baker considering they do not have as many offensive weapons, however, Baker is not really in a position to pick at the moment.

The Atlanta Falcons also need a QB, well they do have Marcus Mariotta but he has been on way too many teams and is more of a backup QB than a starter. Baker Mayfield’s intangibles according to Skip Bayless are many and they could greatly benefit any of these teams.

The diehard Dallas Cowboys fan went so far as to say he could see a role for Baker in Dallas comparing him with QB Dak Prescott.

In Miami as well, QB Tua Tagovailova has not had the best seasons so far, Baker has more experience than him and could fit well in that Miami locker room considering the team has acquired Tyreek Hill now as well.

Baker did turn the Cleveland Browns around as before he started for the team, they had an 0-16 season, and the following season, the team had a 7-8 season.

On the flip side of things, Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen also belonged to the same draft class, and lately he has established himself as an elite-level QB, even better than Baker in some aspects.

With things going this way, we have to wonder what lies ahead for Baker Mayfield, as no team showing explicit interest in him is not the best look for any player at any position.

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