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“Wearing shades on a rainy day”: NFL Twitter reacts to Russell Wilson making an appearance at the Monaco GP

Russell Wilson had all NFL fans caught by surprise as he attended the Monaco GP and rocked a pair of shades in a rainy environment

Just two weeks back, the first-ever Miami GP concluded, and the event was literally star-studded as everyone ranging from Tom Brady, David Beckham, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and other prominent NFL players were in attendance. We did not see Russell Wilson in attendance as he was participating in the Denver Broncos minicamp. The quarterback surprised all fans today as he attended the Monaco GP and fans had a lot to say about his outfit.

The Miami GP had been delayed due to incessant rainfall, the quarterback was spotted at the Mercedes AMG Formula 1 observation deck. He supports Mercedes and is likely repping for Lewis Hamilton to win the race, this is another unexpected crossover that we did not see coming! Some even went as far as to ask what he’s doing there as Wilson never mentioned he enjoys F1!

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“That guy’s life is amazing!”: Here are some of the best reactions to Russell Wilson attending the Monaco GP

Russell Wilson and Ciara at the Mercedes booth in the Monaco GP

Wilson was spotted wearing shades and his signature chain with a cross that he sports almost everywhere. What is more surprising is that he had a pair of headphones around his neck which he kept wearing on and off, it took no time for Twitter users to meme this.

Just pretend like you did not just hear your parents say anything.
The man is living his best life! Let him be.
His life is indeed fire, it’s highly doubtful that he would want to attend an Ice Hockey game once again so do not expect him to be at the Denver Avs next game.
Mini photo-op session with the people at the Mercedes booth.
Orange suits him much better, does it not?
Ciara forced him to go, probably.
Probably a die-hard Seattle Seahawks fan getting salty that Wilson is no longer on their team.
Make it happen, Mercedes!

It’s his style statement, what’s with all the hate on the shades?

Let’s end on that note!

Were you surprised with Wilson attending the Monaco GP? Which of these tweets was your favorite, do let us know!
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