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“He was just wrong”: Sam Acho bashes Nick Saban for alleging Deion Sanders paid Travis Hunter to attend Jackson State

Sam Acho claps back at Nick Saban for alleging that Deion Sanders allegedly paid Travis Hunter $1 million to come to Jackson State University.

Nick Saban has stirred up quite the controversy. The coach for the University of Alabama made specific comments about how players choose colleges. He alleged Texas A&M of paying players to select their college and stated that is how they ended up landing the No. 1 recruiting class. In addition to this, he also accused Jackson State University’s coach Deion Sanders of paying five-star cornerback Travis Hunter a sum of $1 million to choose them.

In light of these allegations, Sanders stated, “I know who’s been bringing the bag and dropping em off. I know this stuff, I’m not the one you want to play with when it comes to all this stuff.” He also expressed his intention to talk to Coach Saban, “Let me talk to Coach Saban, I’m pretty sure he’s tried to call but we need to talk publicly not privately, what you said was public, that is not a private conversation. Let’s talk publicly and let everyone hear the conversation.”

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“Why would you go to an HBCU, that didn’t make any sense to Nick Saban”: Sam Acho believes Saban is envious of Travis Hunter choosing JSU over Alabama

Deion Sanders wants to talk to Nick Saban publicly and not privately

First Take analyst and former NFL player Sam Acho believes that Nick Saban was outright just wrong with his comments on Deion Sanders. “He was just wrong, he was just incorrect, Jackson State did not pay, Travis Hunter wasn’t paid a million dollars to go to Jackson State, all that is incorrect, that is totally factually wrong,” He said.

Acho explained in-depth the actual reason why Travis Hunter picked Jackson State, an HBCU over the top colleges that offer way better opportunities to the recruits. “I think the bigger picture is that there is a player, Travis Hunter, No.1 overall recruit, who decided to go to a school that did not make any sense to Nick Saban or a lot of Power 5 programs. ‘Why would you go to an HBCU, have you seen the facilities, them versus us, have you seen the opportunities, why would you go there?'” Acho explains.

However, what Saban and the other top coaches are missing is sometimes players do not care about money at the collegiate level, all they want to do is be great, and learning from the best cornerback in league history is something that every player would want to do.

They don’t understand that Travis Hunter might care about more than just the NIL money that he didn’t get at least not up to a million dollars. I think Travis Hunter cares about being great and who was great and who played Travis Hunter’s position in High school, Deion Sanders was great, Hall of Famer Deion Sanders was great, who’s gonna be in your corner every single day coaching you from start to finish from when you are 17 to when you decide to go to the NFL, Deion Sanders,” Acho says believing that Sanders is the reason Hunter opted for an HBCU as the coach matters more than anything else to him.

Apart from Sanders, there is also another aspect to it, the cultural part of things, Acho goes on to explain, “Historically Black College, there is a culture, there is this feel like, ‘Man I’m with my people, I like this, they get me, I get them, there’s music, there’s band,’ there’s another piece of culture.”

Lastly, Acho believes that one other reason for Hunter going to Jackson State is that it is not that big a program and if he can go there and turn it into something big, attract more viewership and interest in it, he would have achieved something bigger than a person who goes to an already established program.

There’s this piece of taking a program that may not have been as on as big of a national platform and being the guy to take it to the next level, and I think that it takes a certain type of player or person to have the bravado, the confidence to say, ‘I took this program from a lesser level to a higher level’,” Acho concludes.

Deion Sanders greatness is known by all, he is also one of the most forthcoming individuals and has this aura around him that many adore. It comes as no surprise that Jackson State is attracting a lot of players due to primetime’s presence there.

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