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“We have no idea what the f**k is going on”: Pat McAfee ridicules the Cleveland Browns over their quarterback situation

Pat McAfee reacts to reports of the Carolina Panthers being in talks with the Browns to acquire Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield and Pat McAfee

If you are a sports fan in Cleveland now, our thoughts and prayers are with you. In the NBA, the Cleveland Cavaliers are in a rebuilding stage while their arch-rival, the Warriors just won another title, in the NFL, there is an entire drama show going on with Deshaun Watson, Baker Mayfield, and the Cleveland Browns. Nobody knows who the team’s starting quarterback will be, looking at the way things are as of today unless Deshaun Watson gets a time machine and goes 66 massages back in time he does not stand a chance to play this season.

On the other hand, there is Baker Mayfield who is essentially being taken hostage as the organization does not want to let go of him as they will be liable to pay him $18 million and they have some hope left that they may be able to convince him to play for one last season if Watson is suspended. Teams would not mind trading for Baker but they all mind that hefty salary cap he comes with, however, the Carolina Panthers and the Browns are in talks to trade him and as per the latest developments both are looking to negotiate and close a deal.

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The Cleveland Browns may not want to swap Baker Mayfield for Sam Darnold:

Smile if you will be starting for the Cleveland Browns this season

The Panthers have been interested to get Baker Mayfield for a long time but the only point of contention has been that salary cap, the team almost tried to finalize a trade for the QB on draft night but it fell through. Coming to other teams interested in Baker, everyone else is adopting a wait-and-watch approach, nobody wants to jump and end up being liable for that salary cap when there is a chance that they can get the same player for pennies on the dollar.

The quarterback has been vocal that he wants out of Cleveland, and rightfully so after all the things that have transpired between the player and the team, nobody in their RIGHT MIND would want to be there. But Mayfield appears to want to take revenge as well because he wants out and he wants his money. This is a lose-lose situation for the Browns as they stand no chance of getting out of this unscathed.

“The Panthers were hoping that Baker Mayfield could maybe attend their mandatory minicamps that happened this week, they have been in conversation for some time. They wanted to wait till after the mandatory minicamp and OTAs to see what they have and what they don’t have and what they are looking to do and also what are the Browns willing to pay in Baker Mayfield’s contract so that the Carolina Panthers don’t have to if the Carolina Panthers pick up Baker Mayfield, then and they pick up his entire salary, they’ll be paying $18.5 million to Baker Mayfield, and $19 million to Sam Darnold at the same damn time, and have no idea what their future quarterback situation is,” Pat McAfee reported on his show.

The teams are attempting to come to some middle ground, “The Browns have come out and said that they would pay $10 or $11 million of that but would have to go up to get to an actual trade OR they hang on to Baker Mayfield because we don’t know what the fu*k is going on with Deshaun Watson,” Pat concludes.

Mayfield has a lot of leverage at this point, Cleveland guarantees $230 million to a player whose future hangs in the balance, and accusations are still piling up against him while the NFL season is fast approaching. Baker is a no-show at minicamps and the organization has also excused him from showing up. So take Watson and Mayfield out of the equation, you are left to choose between Jacoby Brissett and Joshua Dobbs as your starter, after spending all that money. These are your two options. In all likelihood Mayfield will be traded to Carolina or Seattle if the salary cap issue is sorted, for now, this is all that we have.

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