“We got more dogs!” Raiders CB Amik Robertson claims Las Vegas were a better team than the Chiefs despite tough loss

AFC West divionsal game witnessed a heated exchange between players, as Travis Kelce pushed Amik Roberston.

“We got more dogs!” Raiders CB Amik Robertson claims Las Vegas were a better team than the Chiefs despite tough loss

Amik Roberston (Via Yahoo Finance)

The Las Vegas Raiders’ confidence hasn’t stirred even a little after the poor loss to the Kansas City Chiefs at 31-17. In the post-game interview, cornerback Amik Robertson claimed their opponents weren’t as good as them.

The 25-year-old cornerback marked the Week 12 game on his calendar long back. However, he couldn’t log more than three tackles. To add insult to injury, the 14-0 lead that the Raiders acquired early in the first quarter instantly drove off. By half-time, the reigning Super Bowl champions also tied up the score.


This is what Amik Robertson said despite losing to the Chiefs:

Lost a couple of games this year, but for some reason, for me, this one just hurts more because I know we're better than that team. I know we got more dogs. I know we're better than that team. I'm just pissed off we couldn't pull out the win.
Amik Robertson via post-game interview

The Raiders’ cornerback was clearly speaking not just for himself but also on behalf of the whole team, who shares the same sentiments towards the Chiefs. As the media asked him about the rest of the locker room, he said:

Yes, of course, there's a lot of competitive guys. We put the work in. We know we're better than that team.

Interestingly, Roberston’s statement might have come off as a form of vengeance, as he was pushed away by Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce in the third quarter when he seemed to have put all his weight on opponents’ WR Rashee Rice. This led to a heated exchange between the AFC West divisional rivals.


How did the Raiders lose control and give up the 14-0 lead?

The Raiders, standing at 5-7, fell short of the reigning Super Bowl championship by 31-17 on Sunday at Allegiant Stadium. Chiefs have now improved to 8-3, leading the AFC West.

Chiefs vs Raiders
Chiefs vs Raiders (Via DraftKings Network)

Early in the first quarter, the Raiders were leading with 14 points. However, they couldn’t keep up with it as the Chiefs seized control with 21 straight points. By the halftime, the score was tied.

On the other hand, the Chiefs’ star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, completed 27 out of his 34 passes for 298 yards and two touchdowns. While standing there, the Raiders defense failed to score even a single turnover.


Raiders have now declined to 2-2 under interim head coach Antonio Pierce after suffering two back-to-back losses. The team cannot afford to lose any of the final five regular season games if they want to make the playoff run.

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