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“Would you put your son back in that game?”: Rex Ryan BLASTS Mike McDaniel over his decision to play Tua Tagovailoa despite having a concussion

Former NFL HC Rex Ryan believes Mike McDaniel has some serious introspection to do following his decision to play Tua Tagovailoa despite a concussion.

Rex Ryan poses a simple question to Dolphins HC Mike McDaniel following Tua Tagovailoa's head injury. ZUMA Wire.

Tua Tagovailoa‘s recent concussion and injury have raised a lot of questions over the NFL’s concussion protocols. The NFLPA fired the independent neurosurgeon who was responsible for approving the Miami Dolphins quarterback’s return to play against the Cincinnati Bengals. Despite the surgeon’s approval, many believe that Head Coach Mike McDaniel who had the final say in the situation should never have let Tua step into the game.


Former NFL Head Coach Rex Ryan is one of those people, he criticized Mike McDaniel over his premature decision to allow Tua Tagovailoa to start in the game against the Bengals. Concussions and head injuries are a serious subject, especially now that we know the harm that they can do to a player during and after his career as a football player.

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“No way in hell I put my son back in that game”: Rex Ryan believes Tua Tagovailoa should never have been allowed to play against the Bengals.

Rex Ryan blames Mike McDaniel’s inexperience for his decision to play Tua Tagovailoa. ZUMA Wire.

Here’s what Rex Ryan had to say about this situation, “Sometimes as a coach, you got to protect the player from himself. I had a simple philosophy as a coach. I treated every one of my players as my son and that is all you have to do. I can tell you this, would you put your son back in that game when you saw it? Forget the back and ankle BS that we heard about, this is clearly from head trauma,” Ryan does pose a great question as despite how competitive a player is they do tend to neglect their well-being at times to ensure the team’s odds of winning do not get impacted.

Ryan goes on to add, “I know what it looks like, we all know what it looks like. No way in hell I put my son back in that game, no way in hell. No way in hell I put somebody else’s son back in that game either. This is an epic fail and it’s a fail on the coach too. As the coach, you are the last line of defense. The NFL does an amazing job of protecting our players, we’ve seen it since we heard about how dangerous concussions are. Especially going down 30 years from now, we’ve seen it in the equipment, how much better it is. We see it in the protocols, 5 medical people, and other stuff. But it did fail, our game is a violent one. But as a coach, you are the last line of defense.”

“I’m not letting that guy back out there, I have had it before where a player has sat back and he’s ready to go. No, he’s not, I’m not letting him go back out there,” Rex Ryan concludes. Mike McDaniel’s inexperience may have something to do with this as he may have taken the medical staff on their word and decided to play Tua, however, it was a bad decision as clearly the brain does not recover from a concussion in under 4 days and to take another hard hit like that, it just makes the chances of getting CTE more.

Hopefully, this situation urges the NFL to tighten the concussion protocols and holds coaches more accountable as it is the life of a player at stake here, injuries such as these are bad as it takes years for symptoms and their impacts to manifest. It has ruined the personal lives of players and made them take adverse steps such as suicide. Our thoughts and prayers are with Tua and we wish nothing but a speedy recovery for him.

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