Rex Ryan bluntly claims the current Patriots team coached by Bill Belichick ‘sucks’ following their 5th loss of the season

Patriots' top backup Malik Cunningham ended with just six snaps in the 21-17 loss to the Raiders.

Rex Ryan bluntly claims the current Patriots team coached by Bill Belichick ‘sucks’ following their 5th loss of the season

Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan (Via Mile High Report/ SI)

After losing another tough game to Las Vegas Raiders at 21-17, the New England Patriots have been listed among the worst teams this year. And well, the news isn’t a new revelation as the team is indeed degrading more with each season.


The Patriots’ struggle phase started when the team suffered two major losses of the Bill Belichick era in two consecutive weeks, till date. The team had the opportunity to bounce back a little, but they failed that too, on Sunday.

While speaking on the matter, the NFL analyst and coach Rex Ryan expressed his views, saying, “This team sucks.” On ESPN’s ‘Get Up’ latest episode, Ryan sarcastically claimed that he enjoyed watching the Patriots struggle in Las Vegas. “I’m telling you, they stink. They absolutely stink. Where is the fight? Where is the energy? Where’s the passion? I don’t see it. I don’t see it,” he said.

Although Ryan was quite blunt with his opinion, it cannot be denied completely, even by the Patriots supporters. Against the Raiders, they had the opportunity to win, but they got the ball back trailing with just 2:23 time remaining in the game. It cannot be denied that the team sucked at the game, especially against a team that played one-half of the game with their backup quarterback, at the Allegiant Stadium.


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How will the Patriots use Malik Cunningham in their next game?

In last Sunday’s game against the Raiders, the Patriots’ top backup quarterback included Malik Cunningham, instead of Bailey Zappe or Will Grier. But it remains unsure whether this equation will be seen at the Patriots-Bills game. On the WEEI appearance, Coach Belichick said that they will deal with that next week. As they just finished the game, he is taking time to decide on the next game.

Malik Cunningham
Malik Cunningham (Via ESPN)

Last week, during the practice, Cunningham noticed an uptick in the quarterback reps, which raised the doubt if the team was again thinking of switching QB workloads for the Week 7 preparations.

Cunningham has been playing as a quarterback since college, and with New England, he ought to become a receiver. Last Sunday, he ended up seeing with just six snaps in the 21-17 road loss to the Raiders. He couldn’t throw a single pass or register any carry, but he did take one sack. That’s why it cannot be said how the Patriots would deal with the undrafted rookie.


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