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“Boy, this will age HORRIBLY”: Robbie Anderson’s dismissive old comments about Baker Mayfield are going viral

Robbie Anderson's previous comments about Baker Mayfield have gone viral

Baker Mayfield and Robbie Anderson

Baker Mayfield, this name has all of a sudden engulfed the headlines and thankfully, for all the good reasons. Mayfield has been through a lot in the past year or so. He played with an injury, tried his best but couldn’t deliver at all for the Browns and as many expected, the franchise ran out of patience.


They went behind Deshaun Watson, offered him a massive amount and eventually roped him in. Baker felt neglected and asked for a trade even when many thought that because of Deshaun’s legal troubles, the Browns might give another chance to Baker.

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“I have no problem with Baker Mayfield”: Robbie Anderson

Baker Mayfield

Speculations about where Baker will eventually end up were on the rise. Some reports suggested that the Seahawks might be interested in him, and then it was reported that the Panthers want to add him to their roster. Back in April, a social media page posted Ian Rapoport’s report suggesting that Mayfield might go the Carolina Panthers.

However, Panthers WR Robbie Anderson had replied rather dismissively to the report back then. “Noooo,” Robbie had commented on the post and to add to this, when the @panthersnat1on replied to Robbie’s comment writing “Robbie has zero chill,” he again replied and wrote, “facts.

As one can imagine, these comments instantly went viral after it was confirmed that Panthers have successfully roped in Baker Mayfield. Here are some of the reactions-

Looking at all that was being said, Robbie issued a clarification stating that he has got absolutely no problem with Baker. It will be interesting to see how the Robbie-Mayfield partnership turns out. Needless to say, it hasn’t started off from a very positive note.

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