Robert Griffin III defends Dak Prescott after Cowboys’ loss to the Eagles dubbing him a ‘great quarterback’

The analyst is tired of the narrative that Dak Prescott is not a good quarterback.

Robert Griffin III defends Dak Prescott after Cowboys’ loss to the Eagles dubbing him a ‘great quarterback’

Robert Griffin III and Dak Prescott (via AP/ESPN)

The Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles gave fans an entertaining matchup on Sunday. This game witnessed two of the best teams in the entire NFC go at each other’s throats and in the end, Jalen Hurts and the Eagles managed to beat Dak Prescott and the Cowboys by 5 points. It was a close game and Dallas did put up a fight. While America’s team lost that game and their QB took a bit of the blame yet again for coming up short in the final stretch, there is one person who disagrees.

Robert Griffin III defended Dak Prescott on ESPN’s Get Up. The analyst had nothing but praise for him:

Dak is one of the most scrutinized quarterbacks in the game. I've always been a believer in him. 

He goes on to add that despite his impressive performance against the Eagles, there are things that Dak could have done better.

The truth of the matter is Dak could have played better in the closing moments, in the crucial moments of the game, he could have played better down the stretch.

Robert Griffin III criticized the Cowboys’ offense for faulty execution late in the game. The team’s performance in the fourth quarter could have been better which would have resulted in them winning the game.

Robert Griffin III was not surprised by Dak Prescott’s performance against the Eagles

While Griffin III brought up these mistakes, he also went on to add this about Dak Prescott:

The whole industry has had this narrative about Dak that he can't make these plays...that was nothing new to me to see him go out there and play the way that he has.
Robert Griffin III and Cowboys' Dak prescott
Robert Griffin III and Dak Prescott (via NYPost/AP)

The analyst believes that Prescott has always been a great QB and is hated by many for absolutely no valid reason.

Despite throwing for 374 yards and having 3 touchdowns, some fans were quick to brush Dak’s performance off as a fluke or once-in-a-blue-moon sort of event. However, Robert Griffin III trashed this narrative as he stood up for Dak and stated that the quarterback has been doing this for quite some time now.

The analyst concluded by stating:

Dak is a great quarterback. I'll stand ten toes down on that.

He just does not want people to overlook Prescott and continually critique him even though he has been consistent. Dak did throw for more yards and touchdowns than Jalen Hurts did, however, the Dallas Cowboys’ fourth-quarter execution on offense is what let them down and resulted in them losing the game.

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