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Brett Favre’s charity donated funds for kids and cancer patients to USM Athletic Department a SHOCKING scandal reported

Brett Favre reportedly donated money meant for underserved and disabled children and breast cancer patients to the USM Athletic department through his charity Favre 4 Hope.

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Brett Favre the Hall of Fame quarterback who has been in the news recently due to allegations that he played a key role in the Mississippi welfare fraud in which funds meant for the needy was allegedly used to finance the construction of a Volleyball Stadium at the University of Southern Mississippi, his alma mater. He is now being implicated in another financial misuse scandal.


The Athletic has reported that not only Brett Favre played a key role in the misuse of the money from the welfare fund meant for the poorest in the state but he also donated money from his Charity that was meant for kids and cancer patients to the USM Athletic Department. Per the report Favre’s charity Favre 4 Hope which works to help underserved and disabled children and breast cancer patients gifted funds to the athletic department at USM.


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Brett Favre donated over $130,000 meant for kids and cancer patients to USM athletic department

Brett Favre-IMAGO/ICON Sportswire

It is no small figure per reports more than $130,000 were donated by the foundation to the University of Southern Mississippi Athletic Foundation during a 4 year period from 2018-2022 the money which was originally meant for kids and cancer patients.

The Athletic also reported that per tax records Favre 4 Hope donated $60,000 in 2018, $46,817 in 2019 and $26,715 in 2020.

Favre who played the majority of his Hall of Fame career for the Green Bay Packers with short stints with the Atlanta Falcons, New York Jets, and the Minnesota Vikings has kept his silence on the allegations but he has a lot to answer. These allegations harm his legacy deservedly so. Favre is being universally panned and has had his radio show pulled by SiriusXM.

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