Rare football signed by Peyton Manning stolen by 200 kids that ransacked an $8 million Florida Mansion

A Florida mansion was ransacked by a bunch of teenagers who stole the owner's rare, limited-edition football that was signed by Peyton Manning.

Peyton Manning
Peyton Manning
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For an NFL fan, their memorabilia means everything, especially when it is a unique piece and something that is extremely rare. Imagine being the guy Mike Evans handed over Tom Brady’s 500th touchdown ball to and being happy that you own a piece of history, just to be asked later on to return the same… It is disappointing especially considering he was given 1 Bitcoin which is now worth half what it was at the time.

Anyways, this time, it was a Peyton Manning fan who suffered due to his memorabilia being stolen. Recently, an $8 million mansion in Florida was broken into by kids, well not one or two of them but 200 of them. Where else can this happen but Florida? In addition to a football that was signed by the former Denver Broncos legend being stolen, they had other signature collectibles stolen as well, but none of them were as valuable as the football.

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The teenagers broke into the mansion to party inside and host boxing matches within the residence:

Peyton Manning
Peyton Manning

No doubt that this is one of its kind in the history of robberies, the Walton County Sheriff’s office arrived at the spot and ended this illegal party that happened on Saturday. The Sheriff got an official complaint from South Walton’s security who summoned them to the oceanfront vicinity of Watercolor’s Blackwater Street.

The victims are a couple with two children, they have opted to remain anonymous but have not kept their emotions under wraps as they are extremely angry. During the time of the alleged party, the residents of the house were all out of the area. FOX News reported that Florida teens broke into the mansion on Saturday night to host a party, they blasted music, stole booze, and got some of their own while stealing all the collectibles.

Some notable collectibles apart from the signed football are a $1,500 bottle of wine and a $3,500 Yves-Saint Laurent purse that was stolen. The teens hosted boxing matches in the living room that left significant damage inside the residence. In addition to the damage done to the property, the teens also posted their shenanigans online. The Sheriff’s office has already “identified many of the kids,” who were seen acting out inside the mansion, as per the New York Post. They did not reveal any identities of the teenagers.

The Watercolor Mansion owner stated that he was shocked and felt disgusted with the actions of the teens. They have been a resident of the community for the last six years and raised their children there but currently, the residence in question is up for sale, and the owner believes she was targeted. There is also a ‘for sale’ sign-up on the porch. The residence is a massive five-bedroom and eight-bathroom estate that is priced at $8 million on Zillow.

The homeowners are not letting the incident slide and will pursue every civil and criminal claim available at their disposal against anyone who was involved in the ransacking. She told the Post, “All of it. Criminally. Civilly. All of it. Their parents should hold them accountable. If they don’t, we will.” Who would not be mad if a bunch of unruly teens broke into their house to steal all their booze and mess the whole place up, more importantly, they stole the signed Peyton Manning football, that alone ought to raise a person’s blood pressure up.

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