“Your career is in JEOPARDY”: Stephen A. Smith has a STRONG message for Baker Mayfield over his lackluster performances

Stephen A. Smith warns Baker Mayfield to get his act together or be ready to lose his job as a starting quarterback in the NFL.

Stephen A. Smith and Baker Mayfield
Stephen A. Smith gave Baker Mayfield a much needed reality check. ZUMA Wire

In life, when you get a second chance at something, you should jump on it and give it your best and the one thing you should never do is repeat the same mistakes over and over again. However, Baker Mayfield seems to be doing everything but redeem himself. The former Cleveland Browns quarterback who is now the starter for the Carolina Panthers has endured a tough offseason. If there was anything to learn from that whole experience, it was that he needed to improve and be more consistent.

The Carolina Panthers fell to 1-3 after losing to the Arizona Cardinals earlier today. Baker Mayfield ended the game with 1 touchdown and 2 interceptions and threw for 197 yards in total. The quarterback looks like the same person who drove the Browns to trade for Deshaun Watson despite knowing that his future in the league may be uncertain as he was facing issues relating to the allegations of sexual misconduct at the time.

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“They’ll run you out of town”: Stephen A. Smith warns Baker Mayfield that the Panthers fanbase is not as soft as the Browns fanbase.

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Stephen A. Smith did not take it easy on Baker Mayfield. USA Today Network

We all felt sympathy for Baker over how things transpired in the offseason but now he has chewed up the rope as despite getting a starter’s role and a valuable second chance to redeem himself, he seems to be taking it for granted yet again. Baker has looked mediocre at best in the 4 games that he has played for Carolina. In light of this, Stephen A. Smith had some serious advice for him.

Here’s what Smith had to say, “Baker Mayfield, you look awful, just awful. You do not look like a starting quarterback in the NFL and your career is in jeopardy. Because that is how sorry you look. I’m saying this to get you up because I know you are better than this. I am not rooting against you,” the analyst makes it clear that he harbors no ill will towards the quarterback but given his stats such as 54 percent completion rate, 4 touchdowns to date, and three interceptions.

Smith goes on to add, “That’s as pedestrian as it gets. You look awful, this ain’t Cleveland and Lake Eerie, I know that it’s a great sports town but you can’t be talking like that in the Bible belt. This is North Carolina, the Bible belt, they don’t play that, they’ll run you out of town at your press conferences, they’ll run you out of town in your quotes. You ain’t got those progressive commercials to lean on anymore. Until you ball, you got to be quiet. I want this brother to know, I know North Carolina, you cannot talk like that when you are playing that bad because they will run you out of town and make you untenable for the rest of the league.”

That’s quite the message that Stephen A. Smith gave as he knows the sports fans in that region more than anyone because his alma mater is located in North Carolina. Mayfield attempted to keep hope alive after the loss against the Cardinals and brushed aside the loss by stating that “It’s not the end of the world, we can still turn this thing around.” However, with news that HC Matt Rhule may consider benching him next week, things do not look as optimistic.

Stephen A. Smith was not wrong about the Panthers fans as in the fourth quarter of the game against the Arizona Cardinals, the home team was being booed, especially Baker Mayfield was being booed by the fans after the quarterback failed to convert yet another 4th down situation. The pass was tipped by Shaq Allen with 9 minutes left on the clock, Matt Rhule took a chance by allowing Baker to finish the drive by converting the 4th & 1 play but he choked and the Panthers fans made sure their quarterback heard their dissatisfaction.

He is playing worse than he did in Cleveland which is astonishing given the motivation he has to perform this season, this year was supposed to be the year he proved to the Browns that they made a mistake but so far all he is doing is justifying every move that Cleveland has made with regards to him. Is this because of the shoulder injury that he sustained last year or any other factor? That remains unknown but what is certain is if he continues to play like this, he is going to end up being a backup quarterback in the NFL. This in all likelihood is his last gig as a starting quarterback.

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