“The Giants aren’t great” Stephen A Smith disregards the in-form Giants team as contenders for the NFC east title

Stephen A Smith is known for his blunt statements and this time it was no different as Smith picked the Cowboys over the Giants as serious contenders for the NFC east division.

Stephen A Smith is back with yet another controversial statement and this time it’s about the New York Giants. The Giants have had an immaculate start to the 22/23 season, they’ve won their first two games and will be looking to take on the Dallas Cowboys in week 3 of NFL.

Stephen A Smith disregarded the Giants as contenders for the NFC east title even after their current unbeaten run. According to Smith, the Giants aren’t reliable and lack serious firepower.

Everyone agrees that the Philadelphia Eagles are the strongest team in the division but according to Stephen A Smith, the Cowboys are the only real competition that the Eagles have.

The Giants won against two teams that are struggling in the NFL. Tennessee Titans aren’t looking to get anywhere this season and the Carolina Panthers have quarterback issues as their star signing Baker Mayfield is yet perform well this season.

This leaves the NFC east with only three contenders and Stephen A Smith thinks that the unbeaten Giants don’t even make the cut.

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“They have the second worst attack this season”: NFL analyst Stephen A Smith trolls the New York Giants on the First Take

Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith

ESPN’s First Take had some interesting takes as Stephen A Smith was in his element. The NFL analyst stated on the show that the Cowboys are the only competitors that the Eagles have by default.

Smith also called out the New York Giants for having the second worst attack even after facing a ‘trash’ team like the Titans and the out-of-form Carolina Panthers.

A good thing for the Giants to consider is that the assumptions by the analysts mean nothing if you are delivering results every week, and the Giants are doing just that. The New York Giants have two wins in a row so that gives them momentum when they face the Dallas Cowboys who have won one and lost one.

The Giants-Cowboys will be an interesting game as it will help decide who is in contention with the Eagles for the NFC east division title.

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