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“I had an epiphany”: Tom Brady finally reveals the ‘actual’ reason behind unretiring in a matter of weeks

Here's what pushed Tom Brady to come back to the league in super quick time

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is a champion, the kind of player who multiplies the popularity of the sport many folds. Passing yards, completions, touchdown passes, or games started, the man has got numbers that seem too good to be true in almost all facets of the game. Not long ago, Tom Brady shocked the NFL world when he announced that he is retiring from the sport.

It felt like an era has ended. However, Brady shocked the world yet again when he decided to return to his favorite sport in a matter of weeks and is now all set to lead the Bucs in the coming season.

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“Just needed a vacation”: Tom Brady on what propelled him to come out of retirement so quickly

Tom Brady

Although everyone was delighted to see Tom back in the league, a lot of people did find the hasty retirement and unretirement quite bewildering. There were a lot of stories floating around suggesting different reasons behind Tom’s comeback. Finally, Tom has revealed the actual reason behind his decision.

In a recent video shared on Tom’s social media handle, Tom is seen taking the director’s chair and guiding actors for a commercial. “Working at the same job for 22 years to stop feeling it anymore so you retire that that’s when it hits you. Maybe all you need is a vacation. I am not leaving, I am not leaving,” Tom says in the video. Of course, it was an advertisement for Hertz, just a fun take on “why did Tom retire and unretire in a matter of weeks?

Well, it would be fair to say that Tom’s post-retirement life (whenever that starts) looks stacked with heaps of cash. He recently signed a massive 10-year deal with Fox Sports that will go down as one of the biggest in sports broadcasting history. As reported by Fox News, after Tom finally decides to call it quits, he will step into the commentary box and in return, he’ll take home around $375 million.

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