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“You’re playing the wrong sport”: Tom Brady is recruiting Anthony Edwards to the NFL after he posted a video showing off his quarterback skills

Anthony Edwards recently posted a video flexing his football skills and Tom Brady validated his skills by recruiting him to the NFL

Anthony Edwards and Tom Brady

Tom Brady appears to be considering a career as an NFL recruiter now, the legendary quarterback is a lot more active on social media now than ever. He recently seems to be just having fun trolling people and calling them out. Brady recently reacted to the Minnesota Timberwolves Guard, Anthony Edwards’ video of playing football.

Anthony Edwards posted a video on his Twitter where he was playing quarterback and we knew he had a nice shot and a smooth follow-through after his release but we now know that he has a cannon for an arm as well. He was effortlessly throwing deep ball passes to his wideouts like he does this for a living day in and day out.

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“Was that not bad shoulders?” Anthony Edwards is just having fun playing football out there

Tom Brady jokes that Anthony Edwards has a shot at playing in the NFL

Anthony Edwards or Ant as he is known in the NBA community was throwing a couple of passes to his homeboys on the field and he was throwing deep daggers like he knew what he was doing, he could improve upon his release time a bit but hey, he’s still faster than a lot of old quarterbacks and backups in the league.

In the video, Ant completes that deep ball pass and is elated, he jumps up screaming, “Was that not bad shoulder?” trying to brush aside any doubts relating to his health. Later on in the video, Ant tries his hand at playing the wide receiver position. “I got a profession in this sh*t or what? Pay me,” Ant is out there looking for a part-time NFL deal.

What better way to get validated for your skills than to hear from one of the best to ever do it, Tom Brady responded to this and he thinks Anthony Edwards has what it takes to be in the NFL. The quarterback tweeted, “Ant I know the money is good but you’re playing the wrong sport bro,” and tagged the NFL.

Well, money is not an issue for Anthony Edwards but at least he knows now that if the whole basketball thing in Minnesota is not working out, he’s got an alternative career shot here in the NFL. If he tells Brady he wants a shot, all TB12 has to do is make one phone call and Ant could be on a roster.

How do you think Anthony Edwards would fare on an NFL team and which team do you think should take him?

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