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“Don’t think it’s real”: Tom Brady’s insane hole-in-one shot sends NFL Twitter into a frenzy

Tom Brady uploaded a video on his official Twitter handle in which he is seen draining a hole-in-one shot from nearly a mile away, NFL Twitter had a lot to say about this shot

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is nothing short of an overachiever. He has killed it in the NFL as a quarterback with a stellar winning record, seven Super Bowls, multiple league records, and contracts that broke the bank. Off the field, Brady has been doing a lot lately as well, he is handling his Brady Brand, that Under Armour created specifically in an attempt to replicate the success that Nike got with the Jordan brand. In addition to that Brady has gotten into the virtual asset space as well, introducing his own NFTs, buying prominent ones, and partnering with the NFT platform Autograph.io as well.

If I keep mentioning the ventures TB12 has a stake in, it would take forever, however, his interest in golfing has become evident to all. He has faced off against prominent athletes in golf matches. Last year he played against Aaron Rodgers and Bryson DeChambeau while he was teamed up with Phil Mickelson in a golf game that was dubbed ‘The Match.’ This year he and Rodgers are on the same team and will face off against Josh Allen and Pat Mahomes.

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Tom Brady’s hole-in-one shot looks even better with the drone coverage:

Tom Brady

Tom Brady recently put up a post on his Twitter in which he drains a hole-in-one shot from nearly a mile away. What makes this shot look more impressive is the drone shot of it. Brady gets extremely excited and begins to jump up with happiness after he learns that the ball went into the hole. NFL Twitter had a lot to say about this shot, some even questioning the authenticity of this video.

Yea, the shot does look like one of those things that just seems too good to be true.
It’s a possibility, Brady’s name being attached to any product just makes it all the more desirable.

Been there, some feats are just Tom things, not everyone is capable of achieving them such as wooing Gisele Bundchen.

Same reaction Pat, same reaction.

Being the GOAT does come with its own set of privileges.
He’s bad at staying retired.

Which was your favorite tweet? Do let us know!

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