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“He has NO CHANCE to win the Super Bowl,” Rich Eisen accuses Tom Brady of being a sociopath who fools everyone with his words

Tom Brady addressed the media and the questions about him buying the Dolphins and his role in the removal of Bruce Arians, Rich Eisen reacts to the GOAT's responses

Tom Brady is an unpredictable person, he loves to surprise people and hogs the attention and limelight. The quarterback does not do this through press conferences, he usually despises those and you can tell that by looking at the number of pressers he has done. He did not do one after announcing his retirement, he did not hold one when he announced he was coming back either, and he has also stated on numerous occasions that he does not like the media. However, he broke his dry streak of not speaking to the media yesterday when he attended the Tampa Bay Buccaneers minicamp and addressed the media.

It comes as no surprise that there were a lot of questions related to his offseason moves, especially the rumors regarding him becoming a part-owner of the Miami Dolphins while playing for the team as well. The last time Brady addressed the media was when former Head Coach Bruce Arians retired, he was present there. It is evident by now that the quarterback has some blame to take for Bruce Arians leaving his position, though on a personal level he does not have anything against him, he may have seen Todd Bowles as more suited for the role than he was the mastermind behind the team’s Super Bowl-defense plan in 2021.

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“I had a lot of conversations with a lot of people,” Tom Brady with the deflecting reply when asked about him possibly being a part-owner of the Dolphins:

Tom Brady refused to comment on his role in removing Bruce Arians as the Head Coach

Tom Brady broke his silence today and he was asked about how close he was to being an owner of the Miami Dolphins while playing for the same team and also if he forced the Bucs to remove Bruce Arians in order to leverage his return. Tom was his usual self giving a diplomatic reply, he answered the question without actually answering the question. Rich Eisen reacted to the GOAT’s latest presser and was brutally honest, “I didn’t buy any of that.”

Brady had reportedly decided to come back after having a conversation with the Glazer family, who own the Tampa Bay Bucs at a Manchester United FC match. The initial rumors made it sound like he decided to return to the league at this game and also specifically stated that he would do so only if Bruce Arians were not going to retain his role as the HC. “We found out subsequently that the Glazers weren’t even there at the ManU match that Brady was at and, I thought to myself that what sort of sociopath would he have to be to demand that and then sit there in front of Arians who would have to know that Brady was the one who forced him out after his damn near half-century career, and Brady is sitting there smiling giving testament to him,” Eisen stated.

On his supposed rift with Bruce Arians, Brady dismissed that by stating this at the presser, ” ZERO whatsoever, he and I had a great relationship and I think that’s a part of why I chose here was because of Bruce, he and I had incredible communication and I have great respect for him and he knows how I feel about him, and I know how he feels about me,” the quarterback said.

Coming to his supposed move of buying the Miami Dolphins and then playing for the team as well, he had this to say, “I had a lot of conversations with a lot of people as I have had for the last 3-4 years of my career, you know different opportunities for when I’m done playing football, for me the most important thing is where I’m at now and what I hope to do for this team. That’s my commitment, to this team and organization. We still got a lot to accomplish.” He did not say yes but he did not say no either. Well, that’s Brady, wonder what better we could have expected out of him.

Tom Brady

If you are still wondering how Brady manages to get away by giving these sorts of replies, you are not the only one. “I look at him and I watch him as he’s talking and I can’t believe he is still doing this. It’s insane. Nobody out there thinks for a split second that he is out of his mind for doing this, the Bucs are overreaching to have him do it or to think that he has no chance to win it,” Rich Eisen says.

It’s probably the seven rings that blur everyone’s vision but Brady manages to get away with all this, look at the final seasons of Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Brees, and Peyton Manning. All of these quarterbacks attracted some amount of criticism and doubt surrounding their return, due to their age, everyone expected them to be washed out and that the best thing for them to do was to retire and be satisfied with their legacy. However, with Brady, it is completely different. When he supposedly retired for 40 days, he was criticized for walking away from the top, remember that he almost won the MVP last season, fans were begging him to come back, and so was the competitor within him.

The proof is in the pudding, the GOAT has the top 5 best MVP odds for the upcoming NFL season already. Fans know for a fact that if he’s coming back, he will perform. Brady has a healthy Bucs squad this season so hopefully, he does repeat his stellar performance from last year.

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