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“WTF, Deebo to play for Patriots?”: Twitter goes crazy after OBJ confirms Deebo Samuel trade to the Patriots

OBJ's latest Tweet about Deebo Samuel has caused quite a stir on Twitter

OBJ and Deebo Samuel

This offseason has been one of the craziest ones in NFL history and more so for the wide receivers. We saw WRs taking home the big bucks. The Packers traded their star receiver Davanate Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs also had to lose Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins.

Both the trades had to do with money and it felt like other star receivers will also look to follow in Adams’ and Hill’s footsteps. Not long ago, what caught everyone’s attention was Deebo Samuel removing his 49ers profile pics and unfollowing the 49ers’ official Instagram handle.

“Everybody spreading fake news”: NFL fans lash out at OBJ after he claimed that Deebo Samuel has signed with the Patriots


It felt like Deebo’s departure from the 49ers was inevitable. Talking about what the future holds for him, Ian Rapoport had said on the Pat McAfee Show that, “what’s happening with the 49ers is that they are seeing what’s real and what’s not real, right, because if someone’s going to trade for Deebo Samuel it has to be before the draft.”

As it turns out, the draft is done and dusted but we still don’t have an official confirmation about Deebo leaving the 49ers. However, OBJ’s recent Tweet regarding Deebo blew everyone’s mind. OBJ claimed that Deebo Samuel has been traded to the Patriots.

Breakinnnngg NEWSSS, Deebo Samuel to the Patriots, WTFFFFFFFFFFFF,” he Tweeted.

As expected, this Tweet went crazy virakl and fans started losing their minds. Then Deebo had to jump in to put an end to all the speculations. “OBJ stop trolling man. We don’t need another headline of em trying to make a story,” Deebo Tweeted.

Here’s how fans reacted to OBJ’s wild Tweeted.

After looking at how NFL fans have taken the Tweet, OBJ Tweeted an apology claiming that he doesn’t want to increase problems for his friend Deebo. “To Twitter world ! I’m so sorrry, I love Deebo Samuel and giving him hell problem causing more problems! I can’t help it ! Deeebo news gon break on its own,” he wrote.

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