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“No, they didn’t,” Twitter Reacts to Lamar Jackson’s massive hint on his tumultuous contractual situation with the Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson is one of the most interesting players in the NFL. He has been an MVP and is arguably a superstar QB that a franchise should build around if they want to win a Super Bowl. The Baltimore Ravens are considered to be a strong contender, and the most pressing factor for that is their young and formidable quarterback.


The Former Madden cover athlete has unfortunately been stuck in a contract extension saga with the Ravens. The drama surrounding Lamar Jackson’s contract is unfolding exactly as one would anticipate it to when a talented quarterback is involved. The quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens is approaching the end of his rookie deal and is due for an extension. NFL fans anticipate the past unanimous league MVP to receive a large contract.

Jackson recently took to Twitter to voice out his concern in which he replied to a Ravens fan asking about whether a max contract extension has been offered as of yet. Lamar replied, “No they didn’t”.


The Ravens seem to be quite sceptical over forking a max contract for their star player. The fans can feel the tension growing between the 2 sides as Lamar has already given week 1 of the regular season as the deadline for a max extension that he thinks he rightfully deserves after an MVP Caliber season from him.

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Lamar Jackson escalates the situation by liking a tweet with him in Dolphins Jersey

Lamar Jackson

Jackson then liked a tweet from a fan that featured an image of the quarterback wearing a Miami Dolphins jersey, which only served to exacerbate the situation. The fact that Lamar is a Florida native is important to keep in mind in this situation.

The tension amongst the fan base continues to grow as Lamar could be the only shot that the organization has at tasting any kind of success. The situation is only intensifying with the Season opener only a couple of weeks away. Here are some reactions from the twitter folks about the Lamar Jackson situation.

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