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“NOBODY thinks Tua is that accurate”: Shannon Sharpe shuts Tyreek Hill’s claims of Tua Tagovailova being more accurate than Patrick Mahomes down

Fox Sports analyst Shannon Sharpe does not get why Tyreek Hill feels the need to take shots at his former QB and Head Coach

Tyreek Hill

Tyreek Hill is a Miami Dolphin, the wide receiver has been praising his new quarterback Tua Tagovailoa on a daily basis, he is of the opinion that Tua is underrated and overlooked when it comes to his ability to throw the ball deep and in terms of his passing accuracy. Recently, he claimed that Tua is a more accurate quarterback than his former teammate Patrick Mahomes. Though he praised Mahomes’ arm strength, he claimed that Tua’s accuracy was on point.

Fox Sports analyst Shannon Sharpe criticized Hill for these comments and his tendency to take shots at his former teammates. “I’m confused, I’m baffled,” Shannon responded to Tyreek’s claim that he was not being used enough in Kansas City. “Andy’s done a great job of finding a way. Tyreek has turned himself into a dynamic receiver,” Sharpe added.

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“You got your money”: Shannon Sharpe urges Tyreek Hill to not take shots at his former team

Tyreek Hill claims Tua is more accurate than Patrick Mahomes

Shannon believes that Hill got paid, that was what he was out for and that is what matters the most. It makes no sense for him to compare and take shots at the Kansas City Chiefs. “You got your money, NOBODY thinks Tua is as accurate, he might be when you throw 5 or 10-yard routes. Patrick Mahomes is pushing the ball down the field, look at Jalen Waddle, he had over a hundred catches but barely had a thousand yards because most of them were jailbreak screens and smoke routes,” Sharpe stated.

He went on to say, “Tyreek you got your money, I don’t know why you feel the need to take shots at Andy, take shots at Patrick Mahomes, and maybe deep down he feels but you’re gonna find out if you think Tua is as accurate as Patrick Mahomes, you about to find out what it is like to go from a historically great player to a very average quarterback. You’re gonna find out Tyreek and you’re gonna find out the hard way.” Sharpe adds. Hill has not yet played with Tua in a regular season, that is where it matters the most, Tua has failed to be consistent in games which are concerning. Mahomes on the other hand has been stellar.

“You got your money, just be happy. They (Kansas City) didn’t have to trade you, they had your services for another year or two. It came down to Jets or Miami, which had the most money. I just don’t understand why Tyreek keeps talking when he’s made the Pro Bowl every year since Mahomes has been there as a wide receiver. Now he’s taking shot after shot after shot. We’ve never heard any of this behind the scenes that he is upset, now he’s out, he’s got his money, even if that was the case, Why now?” Shannon concludes.

He does not get the point of Hill taking shots at Mahomes now when everything is done and he is on a totally different team. He never complained when he was in Kansas City but now when it makes no sense, he decides to complain.

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