Watch: “Straight out of an action movie” Patrick Mahomes does an incredible 360 spin move and a jump pass to score a TD for the Chiefs against the Bucs

Patrick Mahomes had an impressive game against the Bucs and the QBs moves looked similar to an action movie.

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes was the clear MVP of the Chiefs-Bucs game in week 4 of NFL. He outshines and outsmarted the more experienced Tom Brady who is suffering from various personal problems, but that didn’t stop Mahomes to do what he does best.

Patrick Mahomes pulled off some incredible skills and great footwork to beat the Bucs. The Chiefs won the game 41-31 and Patrick Mahomes became the fastest QB to reach 20k passing yards.

The most incredible play of the game was constructed by Patrick Mahomes where he made an impossible to Clyde Edwards by spinning and jumping. The play started with Mahomes running for many yards and then did a 360 spin move to evade the Bucs defender before jumping and passing the ball to score the TD.

Patrick Mahomes showed athleticism, concentration and sheer guts while trying to make that play and he easily answered the question of who’s the best quarterback currently in the league.

Mahomes ended the first half with two touchdown passes and 126 passing yards, he was dominating the field whenever the Chiefs QB was on the ball and showed great quality and skill.

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“Patrick Mahomes is doing unimaginable stuff right now”: Twitter reacts to the amazing play by the Chiefs QB

Patrick Mahomes
Watch: "Straight out of an action movie" Patrick Mahomes does an incredible 360 spin move and a jump pass to score a TD for the Chiefs against the Bucs 2

Twitter was set on fire after that play from Patrick Mahomes went viral. Many people couldn’t believe what he had just pulled off, even the Bucs players stood there in absolute shock and couldn’t do anything but watch the man in action.

Many people were praising the Chiefs QB but there were also some users on Twitter who said that the play was nothing special and Patrick Mahomes has always had a media bias.

I thought the play was extremely special by Mahomes as he pulled it off when under so much pressure and with exceptional ease. The reactions were hilarious and interesting on Twitter, let’s take a look at some of them below.

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