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“We should take JEWISH SENTIMENTS into consideration!”: Giants co-owner John Mara upset with ‘Monday Night Football’ on Rosh Hashanah

John Mara has expressed discontent with the NFL after the were not able to reschedule the Giants match during Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah.

John Mara

The New York Giants had put in a request with the NFL organising committee to shift their Matchweek 3 fixture in the upcoming season against the Dallas Cowboys owing to the occurrence of Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah during the same time.

However the NFL has failed to do so much to the unhappiness of Giants co-owner John Mara. The Giants did not want to play the Cowboys or any other team on their only Monday Night football game of the season during Rosh Hashanah.

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John Mara angry with NFL not acknowledging Jewish holiday

John Mara

The NFL’s senior vice president of broadcasting Howard Katz acknowledged that John Mara every year requests then to avoid Jewish holidays. However this year they were not able to fulfill that request and are not able to shift the game on September 26th.

Mr. Mara absolutely this year and every year when the Jewish holidays fall on football days, he always asks to avoid the Jewish holidays. He certainly did. In this particular case we were not able to accommodate that request,” said NFL’s senior vice president of broadcasting, Howard Katz.

He makes the same request every year. He’s always been extremely sensitive to his Jewish fans and goes out of his way every year to remind us and ask us to avoid Jewish holidays.”

John Mara has said that as soon as he took a look at the schedule, he put in a request to the NFL to change their fixture. He added that their team always takes i to consideration the Jewish High Holy Days .

“I am well aware of that and not happy about it,” John Mara said. “I made my feelings known to the league as soon as I saw the schedule. We have always requested the league take the Jewish High Holy Days into consideration when formulating our schedule. Not sure why it happened this year.”

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