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“He saved Belichick, made him what he is”: When Skip Bayless referred to Bill Belichick’s career as ‘NOTHING’ without Tom Brady

Throwback to the time when Skip Bayless showered praise on Tom Brady and credited him for Bill Belichick's success

Tom Brady is one of the biggest names in the world of the NFL. Passing yards, completions, touchdown passes, or games started, the man has got numbers that seem too good to be true in almost all facets of the game. A little while ago, Tom Brady shocked the NFL world when he announced that he is retiring from the sport.


A lot of people blamed his wife Gisele Bundchen for allegedly forcing Brady to call it quits sooner than he wanted to. However, Brady shocked the world yet again when he decided to return to his favorite sport in a matter of weeks. The best part about everything that has happened is that we’ll get to Tom playing in the coming season.

“Tom Brady fell in Bill Belichick’s lap and changed everything”: Skip Bayless

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick

Tom enjoyed a lot of success for the New England Patriots before joining the Bucs. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he completely transformed their fortunes. While many credit Patriots coach Bill Belichick for his and the team’s success, Skip Bayless has had a different point of view on this.


It is a well-known fact that Bayless doesn’t really admire Belichick’s work. In fact, in an episode of The Undisputed back in 2019, Skip had stated that Brady actually made Bill Belichick what he is today. “Bill Belichick was with the Cleveland Browns for 5 years and his overall record was 36-44, not very good and he had four losing seasons. The fourth losing season cost him his job and he got fired,” Skip had stated in reply to Shannon Sharpe’s praise for Bill.

Bayless had then claimed that Bill got his second chance with the New England Patriots and his record was going from bad to worse. “I have talked to assistants on that staff who said that they were ready to put their houses up for sale because they thought they weren’t much longer for the NFL world,” he had added.

The this kid fell out of heaven into Belichick’s lap. Belichick had nothing to do with drafting the kid, he signed off on it like he was running the draft but it wasn’t like that, it was his hand pick. He was like the sixth quarterback in camp to start off with. The point is, not only Tom Brady saved Bill Belichick, then he made Bill Belichick,” Skip had added.

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