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“Oh my f**king goodness”: With his surprising tactics, Bill Belichick ruined Mac Jones’ draft party with fellow Patriots

Here's how Kendrick Bourne reacted after the Patriots decided to trade down

Bill Belichick and Kendrick Bourne

The 2022 NFL draft turned out to be quite an entertaining one. A few surprise picks, a few expected ones, and a few bewildering choices; everything contributed to making this draft a memorable one.

However, one team in particular, in fact, one man in particular raised a few eyebrows with his tactics during the draft. Yes, we are talking about Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

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“Bro, what the fu*k?”: Kendrick Bourne was caught off-guard by Bill Belichick’s tactics at 2022 draft

Kendrick Bourne at Mac Jones’ party

Star Patriots QB Mac Jones had thrown a lavish party during the first round of the draft. With the 21st overall pick, receiver Kendrick Bourne who was there at the party was expecting his team to add a promising up and comer to the unit. However, he was stunned by coach Belichick’s choice.

The Patriots decided to trade down which apparently wasn’t liked by Bourne. “Oh my fu*king goodness. Oh my gosh, bro,” Bourne said in a video during the party. “Bro, what the fu*k? Bro, I’m out of here, this some bullsh*t, I’ve been waiting over here for fu*king hours!

What the fu*k? I’ve been waiting all day for this sh*t,” Bourne continued. The Kansas City Chiefs ended up getting Trent McDuffie, whereas, in return, the Patriots got Kansas City’s first-round selection and a couple of their picks. As it turns out, the Patriots weren’t done with the surprises.

They also picked Cole Strange at No. 29 who was being projected as a third-rounder. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Bill’s picks shocked the ones at Jones’ party and sort of ruined it. However, it would be way too early to give a final verdict about these picks as the players roped in by the Patriots have got the capacity to take this team forward.

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