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“Man I’m excited just to learn from a guy like him”: Eagles WR DeVonta Smith is eager to play with A.J. Brown

Eagles WR DeVonta Smith expresses his excitement over playing with fellow teammate A.J. Brown and believes the two can elevate their team's offense

The Philadelphia Eagles are having an amazing off-season, the team just snagged talented receiver A.J. Brown from the Titans in exchange for draft picks. This has boosted their young offensive core that consists of a talented Jalen Hurts and one of his primary weapons, DeVonta Smith.

The Eagles receiver was the backbone of the team during his rookie season, he had high expectations placed upon him from the start, and he did live up to them. The year Smith arrived on the Eagles, the team had a total of 1,993 yards in receiving from all of their WRs in 2021, the third-lowest in the entire league. DeVonta Smith was responsible for nearly 46% of the total receiving yards.

Smith and A.J. Brown will be a problem to defenses

DeVonta Smith

DeVonta Smith scored nearly half of the touchdowns for the Eagles, it was clear that he cannot do it all as opposing defenses began to double-him and draw plays with the sole purpose of restricting his routes.

A.J. Brown is the perfect person who the Eagles have locked up for the next five years for a total of $100 million with over $50 million guaranteed. In light of these events, DeVonta Smith cannot wait to get on the field with his newest teammate.

NFL News AP asked the Eagles receiver about his thoughts on playing alongside A.J. Brown, he had the following to say. “Oh man, I’m excited just to learn from a guy like him, anytime you play football you watch all the different receivers just seeing what everybody has in their toolbox, so him being here and just being able to learn from him is helpful.”

A.J. Brown

Smith added, “Just being a guy that’s been in the league a couple years now, just the experiences he’s had, the things that he does, some of the routines he has, just things like that can help me elevate my game.” With the newly-formed duo of Brown and Smith, the Philly offensive will surely thrive as the former has two 1,000-yard seasons under his belt while the latter has set the rookie record for the Eagles in terms of receiving yards in a season.

It comes as no surprise that both the players are excited to work with one another as both know what they bring to the table. A.J Brown, earlier this week said that Smith reached out to him and that he told him about how excited he was to work with him. “He’s got a lot of talent, he’s a speedster guy, great route runner. So he is a special guy and then I’m gonna go and bring more physicality. So I think it’s good.

The Eagles have not had two 1,000-yard receivers share the field at the same time in a single year since 2014. Philly fans have a big reason to rejoice due to the newly formed duo.

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