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“You can’t make the same mistake twice in this league” Matt LaFleur defends Aaron Rodgers over the WR concern

Packers head coach Matt LaFleur gave his take on what Aaron Rodgers said after the practice and the WR issue.

Aaron Rodgers and Allen Lazard

The Green Bay Packers are in a conundrum at the start of the season and it’s up to head coach Matt LaFleur to stabilize the team. Recently, Aaron Rodgers criticized his young receivers for dropping catches in their preseason game against the 49ers.


Aaron Rodgers indicated that they have to be ‘way more consistent and silly mistakes won’t be tolerated as they want to challenge for the Super Bowl this season.

On Wednesday, head coach Matt LaFleur was asked about his opinion on the receivers issue in the team. “Well I think it’s more of the silly mistakes that we need to get cleaned up,” LaFleur said in his press conference.


“Like something as simple as checking with the official before the snap to make sure that we’re eligible. But yeah, I think there’s going to be growing pains, particularly with younger players.”

Matt LaFleur believes that silly mistakes can cost us big games and they need to be stopped to be efficient, he also later went on to defend Aaron Rodgers’s statement about his receivers.

“And the thing is — and I appreciate this about Aaron — it’s just the urgency to get some of this stuff corrected. You can’t make the same mistake twice, not in this league. We don’t have time for it. That’s just enough time to get you beat. Certainly, he’s the ultimate competitor.”

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“Aaron Rodgers is the ultimate competitor”: Packers head coach Matt LaFleur

Aaron Rodgers

Matt LaFleur believes that the Packer’s goal right now is to achieve ultimate consistency because in the NFL consistency is what counts. “That’s the greatest measurement of performance — what these guys do down-in and down-out,” LaFleur said. “Anybody can do something one time. Can you put it together play after play after play? I think that’s just part of the process for some of these young players.”

The most criticized WR in the team is rookie Romeo Doubs who surprisingly has impressed fans and analysts alike. The young WR dropped a pass from Rodgers that he dubbed the ‘pass of the game, this led to him getting criticized all around.

LaFleur was impressed by the young WR was said that he needs to be more consistent with his game. “He did a great job at the line of scrimmage yesterday, beating press coverage,” LaFleur said. “And that’s a pretty salty defence, that is a good defence. They’ve got good corners. Certainly, they’ve got stars at every level of the defence.”

The Packers are still getting over from their loss to the San Francisco 49ers where they missed their former No.1 WR Davante Adams who joined the Las Vegas Raiders this season.

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