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“Your whole career is in jeopardy,” Stephen A Smith BRUTALLY attacks Baker Mayfield for awful start to the season

Stephen A Smith didn't hold back when criticizing Panthers QB Baker Mayfield for disappointing start to the season.

Stephen A. Smith gave Baker Mayfield a much needed reality check. ZUMA Wire

The Carolina Panthers have had a bad start to the season losing three games and winning just one. This was the season that the Panthers changed their fortune and challenged for the division title.


The new signing QB Baker Mayfield was bought into the squad to change things but he has had a hard time adjusting and has failed to impress the fans and people. Although Baker Mayfield helped the Cleveland Browns reach playoffs after a pretty rough season, Mayfield has since failed to replicate the same form with the Panthers.

Baker Mayfield has a pass completion rate of 54.7% which ranks him 30th in the NFL among eligible quarterbacks. Baker Mayfield is also considered the worst quarterback this season.


NFL analyst Stephen A Smith didn’t hold back on his criticism and called him out for his performance. Smith informed the Panthers QB on his show the First Take that his whole career is in jeopardy and he will have to perform considerably better to keep his place in the team.

According to Stephen A Smith Baker Mayfield doesn’t look like a starting QB this season. Stephen A Smith urges the QB to get better this season as he is not angry at Mayfield, he is just disappointed.

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“You look awful”: Stephen A Smith is dissapointed with Baker Mayfield’s performance this season

Stephen A. Smith

Baker Mayfield is looking at a high possibility of losing his starting place to Sam Darnold if he doesn’t switch up his form. Currently, Darnold is injured so that gives the recently arrived Panthers QB some time to pull up his form.

Carolina Panthers are entering really hard fixtures in the next few weeks are replacing Baker Mayfield will be a real probability. The Panthers have had an awful start to the season and the next game against the San Francisco 49ers will be a real test for Baker Mayfield.

Stephen A Smith stated that the QBs career is in a jeopardy and could lose his place. Though that’s highly unlikely, even if it were to happen many teams in the NFL would gladly sign Baker Mayfield.

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