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“Mad Respect For Odell”: OBJ consoles ‘heartbroken’ Deebo Samuel after NFC Championship win

Odell Beckham Jr's amazing gesture is winning the hearts of NFL fans across the world.

Deebo Samuel and OBJ

The Los Angeles Rams were absolutely sensational in the NFC Championship game. In the beginning, the 49ers were all over the team from Los Angeles. They dominated the proceedings in all of the first three quarters. With a scoreline of 17-7 in favor of the 49ers, their fans were over the moon.

However, what transpired in the final quarter left everyone stunned. The Rams who struggled in the first three quarters were resurrected all of a sudden in the 4th quarter. They ended up scoring as many as 13 points and succeeded in snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

Odell’s incredible gesture leaves netizens emotional

Odell Beckham Jr

We have already seen such close games this postseason but they just keep coming in. As expected, after the time ran out, the 49ers were left heartbroken as they had it, they had it in their grasp and they allowed it to slip away. Apart from the contest, what ended up drawing the most attention was OBJ’s amazing gesture after the game.

Odell, who has had a dream run for the LA Rams, went towards 49ers Wide Receiver Deebo Samuel to console him after he was spotted crying helplessly. One can understand what Deebo must have been going through as his team did everything right for the most part of the game but failed to close it nicely.

Samuel had 72 yards in the game and one touchdown but it wasn’t enough to take his side home. Odell’s fantastic gesture earned him a lot of appreciation from the fans. Now, the Rams are in touching distance of attaining the ultimate glory. They have been sensational so far and they thoroughly deserve all the accolades which will come their way.

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