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“Incredible”: Little OBJ fan catches a pass from Matthew Stafford at the Rams parade

A young fan caught a pass from Matthew Stafford during the Rams victory parade.

Screen Grab from the viral video

The Super Bowl turned out to be quite an event. Moreover, for the Rams, the night was extra special as they walked home with the coveted title. Although the Bengals gave the Rams a mighty scare, in the end, Stafford and Co were able to emerge victoriously.

While the game was on, at least till the end of the first quarter, star quarterback Matt Stafford wasn’t having a very good time on the field. He was trolled for his dismal show and the Bengals were starting to look dangerous, however, as expected, the Rams made an emphatic comeback in the final quarter.

Little boy throws a dime and then caught a pass from Matthew Stafford

Screen Grab from the viral video

One has to say that the game wasn’t as one-sided as many thought it would turn out to be. In fact, the Bengals were able to put the Rams under a lot of pressure. However, the Rams did what was expected from them and after the win, the victorious team, along with the trophy toured to several places.

Innumerable fans joined in to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars. However, while everything was going on as usual during the Rams parade, something special happened. A young Rams fan wearing an OBJ jersey threw a dime towards the team bus.

Stafford threw the ball back at the kid and the youngster caught it without much trouble. The excitement on the young boy’s face made the video even more special. Moreover, one has to admit that looking at how he shaped up to take control of the ball, he might one day get to be on top of the bus like Stafford.

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