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“I want to see my child being born”: OBJ on watch before Super Bowl as he & Lauren Wood are expecting their first child

Odell Beckham Jr has claimed that he wants to see the birth of his child

OBJ and Lauren Wood

The LA Rams have been simply incredible throughout the season. Game after game, they were able to find ways to deliver under pressure, and as a result, they are all set to take on the Cincinnati Bengals at the Super Bowl on Sunday. One has to admit that the transfers executed by the Rams turned out to be masterstrokes.

After spending more than a decade with the Detroit Lions, Matt Stafford was roped in by the Rams and he delivered superb performances, and Odell Beckham Jr’s mid-season transfer story turned out to be a fairytale, for the player, as well as for the franchise.

“I think God has a different plan”: OBJ


As soon as OBJ came into the Rams’ side, everything started making sense for him. He was looking relaxed off the field, he was playing ferociously on the field and as a result, the Rams are now favorites to win the Super Bowl. Moreover, it seems like God is showering all his blessings on OBJ.

OBJ and his partner Lauren Wood are expecting to welcome their first child pretty soon. Talking about the same, OBJ recently said that wants to see the birth of his child. “I don’t need you to put that energy in the air about the Saturday night or the Sunday thing,” Beckham said Friday, as reported by the New York Post.

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I think God has a different plan. I don’t need it during the Super Bowl. I want to see my child being born, so I’m on watch,” he added. OBJ has been a fantastic addition to the side and the Rams do need him on the big night. Rams fans will hope that his personal dilemma doesn’t affect him too much.

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