“Best Metaphor Ever”: Pat McAfee hails Andy Reid for comparing Super Bowl to a ‘Chocolate Cake’

Here's what Pat McAfee had to say about Andy Reid comparing Super Bowl to a chocolate cake.

Pat McAfee and Andy Reid
Pat McAfee and Andy Reid

The Kansas City Chiefs have done well this year. They made their way into the playoffs in an emphatic fashion and in the Wild Card game against the Steelers, they were absolutely unstoppable. Patrick Mahomes especially was sensational in the game.

Needless to say, after such a terrific start to the playoffs, Kansas City’s head coach Andy Reid was extremely pleased. In a recent press conference, Reid was asked if already winning a Super Bowl has decreased his desire to go for another one to which he had a very interesting reply.

“The Chiefs are playing the best football they have played in years”: Pat McAfee

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes

Known for his epic metaphors, Reid compared winning the Super Bowl to a chocolate cake, “If you like chocolate cake and you eat a piece, and then you have one dangling in front of your face, you’re probably going to want to eat that too,” Reid said.

Not much is going to stop you, so that’s how you feel about the Super Bowl. That is the chocolate cake with the ultimate frosting and you’re going to try to go get it if you can, the best you can,” he added. Talking about the same, Pat McAfee also made some interesting points.

I’ve never heard a better metaphor and the fact that it came out of Andy Reid’s mouth makes it even more glorious,” he said, adding that many people might fall flat after filling their pockets and winning the championship once, however, the Chiefs have not shown that even once in the way they have played.

I think they are playing the best football they have played in years,” Pat further said, adding that if Jackson Mahomes’ curse is no longer a thing, the Chiefs have a fair shot at the title this time.

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