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Patrick Mahomes takes a massive dig at Josh Allen’s biggest fear

Here's what Patrick Mahomes had to say regarding Josh Allen's biggest fear which will antagonize the Bills Mafia

Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen

The latest edition of Capital One’s The Match saw veteran quarterbacks Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers face off against rising superstars Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen. The third time was a charm for Brady who finally managed to pull off a victory alongside Rodgers.

The star-studded charity golf match was played on Wednesday at the Wynn Golf Course in Las Vegas. The Packers QB sunk a birdie putt on the final hole to win The Match.

Patrick Mahomes had no right to violate Josh Allen this way on national television

Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, and Josh Allen

While The Match was captivating and nail-biting till the last tee, the pre-game interview was much more fun to watch. J.J. Watt hosted Bleacher Report’s Hot Seat Press Conference, wherein he asked Patrick Mahomes a rather head-scratching question. Mahomes was asked to name Josh Allen’s biggest fear. After a few seconds of deep thought, Mahomes answer was as perfect as it was insulting.

“Josh’s biggest fear . . . A coin toss,” Mahomes said. The entire panel of NFL stars were shocked to hear his response and burst out laughing. “Division from within. Love it”, Brady said. This quip, of course, refers to the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills divisional-round game. The Chiefs emerged victorious in OT after they won the coin toss and Josh Allen was never given the chance to put up a fight.

This sparked a lot of controversies regarding the OT rules which were opposed by fans and teams alike. This game led to the changing of the OT rules by the NFL. The new rules ensure that both teams will get the opportunity to have an offensive possession.

Twitter was pretty quick with their own hilarious answers to Josh Allen’s fear

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