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“Russell Wilson vs Justin Herbert” – Can Denver Broncos defeat LA Chargers and their rising superstar under former Super Bowl champ Wilson?

How will Russell Wilson and the Broncos fare against Justin Herbert and the Chargers?

Russell Wilson and Justin Herbert

The Denver Broncos made one of the most amazing trades this offseason. They acquired Super Bowl XLVIII champion, Russell Wilson. The Broncos had been falling shirt in the quarterback department ever since the retiring of Peyton Manning.

So, Denver has placed all their hopes of winning on Wilson for the 2022 season and beyond. The AFC West is packed with the best and most talented group of quarterbacks. It will be increasingly difficult for teams to win games, especially the Broncos, with a new leader in front.

Russell Wilson or Justin Herbert: Which QB is better

Russell Wilson with the Super Bowl

The Denver Broncos stood last in the AFC West last season with a 7-10 losing record. Hopefully, with the addition of perennial Pro Bowl QB Russell Wilson, the Broncos will hope for a better season in 2022. The AFC West has been dominated by the Kansas City Cheifs for the past four years ever since Patrick Mahomes took the reins of the Cheifs in his hands. Rising sensation Justin Herbert of the Los Angeles Chargers has shown his potential to win games with his tremendous arm strength.

Justin Herbert picking his record breaking pass

Furthermore, Derek Carr showed that he is in fact among the best QBs in the league as he lead the Raiders to a 10-7 season. With the addition of the best WR in the league, former Green Bay Packer, Davante Adams, the Raiders could contend for the first spot in the division with the Chiefs. The Broncos have been slipping ever since Peyton Manning retired.

The most success Denver has had in the AFC West has been splitting games with the Chargers. Is Russell Wilson better than Justin Herbert? This question has been wandering the minds of many NFL fans. Russell Wilson has a Super Bowl and 11 years’ worth of experience in his corner. Justin Herbert on the other hand has proven he is one of the elite young quarterbacks in the league right now. His physical traits and intangibles have gained praise from NFL critics and he is everything a team looks for in a Super Bowl-winning QB.

Russell Wilson has a passer rating of 101.8 with a 65.0 completion percentage. Wilson doesn’t need any introductions but his performance in the 2021 seasons did raise a few eyebrows. Will experience win or does pure talent overshadow everything? It’s nearly impossible to comment on which QB is better. It’ll be interesting to watch the AFC West matchup in the coming season. Let’s hope for Wilson’s sake Denver makes it to the playoffs or else there will be trouble in paradise for the QB!

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