“I would have whooped his a**”: Shannon Sharpe says Will Smith should have fought the man his wife had an affair with instead of slapping Chris Rock

Shannon Sharpe reckons Will Smith should have apologized to Chris Rock instead of the Academy

Chris Rock, Will Smith, Shannon Sharpe
Chris Rock, Will Smith, Shannon Sharpe

Drama, oh the drama, nothing but high octane, unseen, uncut drama, Yes, we are talking about the 94th Academy Awards. Not only the people who do drama for a living were getting awarded, but they were also busy creating some unforgettable and shameful moments on the stage.

Will Smith, one of the most respected actors around the world did something which nobody expected him to do. Smith slapped Chris Rock in front of the entire world after the comedian joked about Smith’s wife’s hair. Whether the joke was in bad taste or not, that’s for the audience to decide, it is rather clear from the general reactions of innumerable netizens that Will shouldn’t have slapped Rock.

“I’m so disappointed because it’s US against US”: Shannon Sharpe on Will Smith slapping Chris Rock

Will Smith smacking Chris Rock
Will Smith smacking Chris Rock

Talking about the same, Shannon Sharpe had a few things to say on the latest episode of ‘The Undisputed.’ “I would’ve came up out that tux. But I’m so disappointed because it’s US against US,” Shannon said, adding that if he was in Chris Rock’s place, he would have whopped Smith’s a**.

Then he’s going to apologize to the Academy. F the Academy, he needs to apologize to Chris Rock,” Shannon claimed. He stated that slapping someone is the ultimate sign of disrespect. “In the old days when we were considered less, they didn’t punch is, they slapped us,” he claimed.

Sharpe went on to state that Smith should have shown some anger towards the man who had an affair with his wife instead of slapping a comedian. “Will should’ve been pushed over the edge last year when Jada was at the Round Table talking about an entanglement.

Go fight that dude. That’s the dude I’m looking for, who was all up in my house doing what I was supposed to be doing with my wife,” Shannon said, adding that he is extremely disappointed with what Smith did.

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